Section 9 Companion Animals Act 1998 | Failing to Register Companion Animal


If you’re thinking about getting a pet, you’ll have to comply with certain legal requirements.

One of these requirements is making sure that your pet is registered on the NSW Companion Animals Register by the time it is 6 months old.

You will have to register your pet if it is a cat or dog – even if it is a working dog, such as a guard dog or farm dog, or any other kind of dog that isn’t strictly for companionship.

The NSW Companion Animals Register is a database that is maintained by the NSW Government which contains details about your pet, such as your name and address and the breed of your pet.

The only people who can access these details are authorised persons, such as council workers, animal shelter workers and the police.

You are also required to make sure that your animal’s details are updated if there is a change in your circumstances – for example, if you change address, transfer ownership of your pet, or if your pet dies or goes missing.

The main purpose of the register is to allow your pet to be easily identified and returned to you if it gets lost or injured.

Applications to register your pet with the NSW Companion Animals Register can generally be made through your local council.

If you fail to register your pet, you could face a fine of $5,500, or $6,600 if your pet is a dangerous, menacing or restricted dog.

You’ll also have to comply with section 8 of the Act, which says that you have to microchip your pet.

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Section 9 of the Companion Animals Act 1998 is Failing to Register Companion Animal and is extracted below.

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The Legislation

9 Registration required from age 6 months

(1) A companion animal must be registered under this Act from the time the animal is 6 months old. The owner of the animal is guilty of an offence if it is not registered.
Maximum penalty:
(a) 50 penalty units except in the case of a dangerous, menacing or restricted dog, or
(b) 60 penalty units in the case of a dangerous, menacing or restricted dog.
The regulations may provide for exceptions to this section. An owner does not have to wait until an animal is 6 months old to register it. An animal of any age can be registered.

(2) The regulations may change the age from which a companion animal is required to be registered under this section from 6 months to any other age, either generally for all companion animals or for a particular kind or class of companion animal.