Section 69A Companion Animals Act 1998 | Powers of Authorised Officer to Enter property


Section 69A of the Companion Animals Act 1998 is Powers of Authorised Officer to Enter property and is extracted below.

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The Legislation

69A Powers of authorised officers to enter property

(1) An authorised officer may, at any reasonable time, enter any property for any of the following purposes:
(a) to seize or secure any companion animal that the officer is authorised to seize or secure under this Act,
(b) to determine whether there has been compliance with, or a contravention of, this Act or the regulations.

(2) Before entering any property under this section, an authorised officer must give the occupier of the property reasonable notice of the intention to enter the property unless:
(a) entry is made with the consent of the occupier of the property, or
(b) entry is, in the opinion of the authorised officer, required urgently because of the existence or reasonable likelihood of a serious risk to the health or safety of any person or animal, or (c) entry is made for the purposes of seizing or securing a dog under section 18, or
(d) the giving of the notice would, in the opinion of the authorised officer, defeat the purpose for which it is intended to enter the property.

(3) The powers of entry conferred by this section are not exercisable in relation to any part of premises used only for residential purposes except:
(a) with the permission of the occupier of the premises, or
(b) under the authority conferred by a search warrant under section 69D.