Section 95A Companion Animals Act 1998 | Service of Notices to Owners


Section 95A of the Companion Animals Act 1998 is Service of Notices to Owners and is extracted below.

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The Legislation

95A How notice is to be given to owners

(1) This section applies to a notice that is required under any of the following provisions of this Act to be given to the owner of a companion animal:
(a) section 10B,
(b) section 21A,
(c) section 31A,
(d) Division 1 of Part 5,
(e) Division 6 of Part 5,
(f) any other provision of this Act that is prescribed by the regulations for the purposes of this section.

(2) A notice to which this section applies is to be given in writing to the owner concerned either personally or by post.

(3) For the purposes of section 76 of the Interpretation Act 1987, a notice to which this section applies that is served by post on the owner of a companion animal is to be treated as being properly addressed if it is addressed to the last address of the owner known to the council that gives the notice (or whose authorised officer gives the notice).