Section 115 Liquor Act 2007 | Declaring Restricted Alcohol Areas


Section 115 of the Liquor Act 2007 (NSW) is concerned with Declaring Restricted Alcohol Areas and is set out below.

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The Legislation

115 Declaration of restricted alcohol area

(1) The regulations may:
(a) declare any area of the State that is specified in the regulations to be a restricted alcohol area for the purposes of this Act, and
(b) restrict the sale, supply, possession or consumption of liquor on any premises (whether or not licensed premises) in any such restricted alcohol area.

(2) Without limiting the restrictions that may be imposed, the regulations may restrict:
(a) the trading hours for licensed premises in a restricted alcohol area, and
(b) the kinds of liquor that may be sold or supplied, and the way in which liquor is sold or supplied, on licensed premises in a restricted alcohol area.

(3) A restricted alcohol area may be declared in respect of an area that is an alcohol-free zone established under the Local Government Act 1993.

(4) A regulation made under this Division has effect despite any other provision of this Act.

(5) For the removal of any doubt, an offence under any other provision of this Act (including Part 2) is not prevented from applying in a restricted alcohol area merely because the regulations create offences for the purposes of this Division.