Section 136F Liquor Act 2007 | Precinct Liquor Accord Contributions and Fund


Section 136F of the Liquor Act 2007 (NSW) is concerned with Precinct Liquor Accord Contributions and Fund and is set out below.

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The Legislation

136F Precinct liquor accord contributions and fund

(1) The Director-General may, by direction in writing to any licensee who is required under this Division to participate in a precinct liquor accord, require the licensee to pay a contribution towards the costs associated with the operation of the accord (including any projects or initiatives carried out under the accord).

(2) The amount of any such contribution is to be determined by the Director-General in accordance with the terms of the accord.

(3) Any money paid to the Director-General under this section is to be paid into a Precinct Liquor Accord Fund established in the Special Deposits Account. A separate account in that Fund is to be kept for the purposes of each precinct liquor accord.

(4) The Director-General has the control and management of the Precinct Liquor Accord Fund.

(5) Money held in any separate account of the Precinct Liquor Accord Fund is to be applied only for the purposes of funding the carrying out of projects and activities under the precinct liquor accord in respect of which the separate account is kept.

(6) Any amount required to be paid to the Director-General under this section may, if the amount is not paid within the time specified by the Director-General in the direction to the licensee concerned, be recovered by the Director-General from the licensee as a debt due to the Crown for payment into the Precinct Liquor Accord Fund.
Failure to comply with a direction under this section may also constitute grounds for taking disciplinary action against the licensee under Part 9.