Oaths Act 1900 (NSW)


Oaths are integral to the effective administration of justice in New South Wales.

Any improper or dishonest conduct relating to oaths is therefore treated very seriously by the criminal justice system.

The Oaths Act 1900 (NSW) prescribes a range of criminal offences for improperly making and administering oaths, affirmations, declarations and affidavits.

Those offences attract harsh penalties, including prison.

If you are charged with an offence under the Oaths Act, it is important to obtain advice and representation from criminal lawyers who are experienced in defending these types of cases.

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Click on the appropriate link below to read the relevant section of the Oaths Act.

Section 11 Oaths Act 1900 | Not Taking Required Oath

Section 20 Oaths Act 1900 | Administering Oath Without Lawful Authority

Section 21A Oaths Act 1900 | Taking and Receiving Statutory Declaration Without Authority

Section 25 Oaths Act 1900 | False Declaration

Section 25A Oaths Act 1900 | False Declaration for Material Benefit

Section 29 Oaths Act 1900 | Swearing Falsely in Affidavits

Section 30 Oaths Act 1900 | Untrue Document Purporting to be Affidavit

Section 33 Oaths Act 1900 | False Statement

Section 34 Oaths Act 1900 | Certifying Declaration Without Identifying Maker