Section 6 Crimes (Serious Sex Offenders) Act 2006 | Applications for extended supervision orders


Section 6 of the Crimes (Serious Sex Offenders) Act 2006 relates to Applications for extended supervision orders and is extracted below.

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The Legislation

6 Application for extended supervision order

(1) The State of New South Wales may apply to the Supreme Court for an extended supervision order against a sex offender who, when the application is made, is in custody or under supervision:
(a) while serving a sentence of imprisonment:
(i) for a serious sex offence, or
(ii) for an offence of a sexual nature, or
(iii) for another offence which is being served concurrently or consecutively, or partly concurrently and partly consecutively, with one or more sentences of imprisonment referred to in subparagraph (i) or (ii),
whether the sentence is being served by way of full-time detention, intensive correction in the community or home detention and whether the offender is in custody or on release on parole, or (b) pursuant to an existing extended supervision order or continuing detention order,
referred to in this Part as his or her “current custody or supervision”.

(2) An application may not be made until the last 6 months of the offender’s current custody or supervision.

(3) An application must be supported by documentation:
(a) that addresses each of the matters referred to in section 9 (3), and
(b) that includes a report (prepared by a qualified psychiatrist, registered psychologist or registered medical practitioner) that assesses the likelihood of the offender committing a further serious sex offence.

(4) An application may indicate the kinds of conditions that are considered to be appropriate for inclusion under section 11 in the event that an extended supervision order is made.