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Commonwealth Penalties – Bonds | Recognizance Release Orders

There are 3 main types of Good Behaviour Bonds – known as ‘Recognizance Release Orders’ – that can be imposed for Commonwealth Offences.

The main difference between the 3 types is the severity of the likely penalty if the Order is breached.

1. The first type is an Order (or Bond) for up to 5 years conditional upon the person being of ‘good behaviour’ (ie not committing any further offences) and/or paying any ‘reparation or restitution’ for damage caused (ie compensation); section 20(1)(a).

If the Order is breached, the person can be called before the court and re-sentenced.

2. The second type is similar to a ‘suspended sentence’ in NSW law.

It means that the person is sentenced to imprisonment but is immediately released as long as he or she signs a Good Behaviour Bond; section 20(1)(b).

If the person commits a crime during the period of the Bond, it will likely be revoked (cancelled) and he or she will likely be imprisoned for the term of the Bond.

3. The third type is similar to ‘parole’ in NSW law.

It means that the person is released under a Good Behaviour Bond after he or she serves a specific length of time in prison; section 20(1)(b).

Again, if the person commits a crime while on the Bond, it will likely be revoked and he or she will likely have to serve the time in prison custody.

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