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Cannabis Possession Will Soon Be Legal In Canberra: An Interview With Cannabis Club’s Mark Hutchison

by Paul Gregoire
Just quietly, from Friday week onwards, if you’re in the ACT and you want to smoke cannabis in the privacy of your own home it will be completely legal. You’ll also be able have up to 50 grams of weed...

Australia’s First Privacy Breach Class Action: An Interview With Lawyer George Newhouse

by Paul Gregoire
It’s said that data has replaced oil as the most profitable commodity in today’s digital era. And like all things lucrative, the potential for data to be used in deceptive or illegal ways for financial benefit is not only there,...

Inside the World’s Largest Refugee Camp: Conversations With Rohingya Refugees

by Paul Gregoire
Kutupalong refugee camp is the largest such camp on the planet. It’s situated in Cox’s Bazar district in southern Bangladesh. There are over 600,000 mainly Muslim Rohingya refugees living there, after having fled persecution in their homeland of Myanmar. The...

Fund Climate Action, Not Submarines: An Interview With Wage Peace’s Margaret Pestorius

by Paul Gregoire
The eastern seaboard has been burning since September. And Australians are well aware that the bushfires that have since been gripping the whole continent are unprecedented in their length and ferocity. The general public has also made the link between...

Volunteer to Help Get Rid of Drug Dog Operations at Festivals: An Interview With Sniff Off

by Paul Gregoire
Back in the old days, when people held music festivals, it used to be a time of great merriment. Youths could freely turn up to such events, where they were assured of having a grand time, as they forgot about...

Debunking the Myth that the Greens Caused the Bushfire Crisis: An Interview With MLC David Shoebridge

by Paul Gregoire
Climate scientists have linked the length and intensity of the current bushfire season – and the extremely dry conditions that have led to it – to human-caused climate change. According to them, the fire crisis is all down to the...

Consider the Garment Worker Behind the Price Tag: An Interview With BCWS’ Kalpona Akter

by Paul Gregoire
Increasingly, over the last decade, the labels on the cheap clothes at Australian fashion outlets read, “Made in Bangladesh”. And despite rising prices and inflation, the clothing coming out of the South Asian garment manufacturing powerhouse only seems to get...

Stop Morrison’s Straight White Privilege Laws: An Interview With CARR’s April Holcombe

by Paul Gregoire
The current bushfire crisis has exposed how out of line the Morrison government’s prioritising of the Religious Discrimination Bill actually is. It’s the legislation that’s purportedly necessary in order to protect those of faith in the community. However, there isn’t...

Sack Scott Morrison: An Interview With Uni Students for Climate Justice’s Gavin Stanbrook

by Paul Gregoire
Despite the ongoing bushfire crisis, Scott Morrison didn’t see fit to cancel his official diplomatic tour of India until last Friday night. Scheduled to commence next Monday, the trade-related jaunt was expected to feature discussions related to Australia’s coal export...

Your PM Is an Arsonist: An Interview With Climate Expert Dr Saleemul Huq

by Paul Gregoire
As 2019 tips over into 2020, the bushfire crisis continues to sweep through Australia. And after more than two months of constant flames in the eastern states, prime minister Scott Morrison is still no closer to admitting that the climate...
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