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Albanese Is Turning Australia into a Nuclear Waste Dump: Interview with Senator Shoebridge

The AUKUS debacle is an issue that never stops giving. And from the time former prime minister Scott Morrison dropped the arrangement on us in September 2021, the agreement between the US, the UK and Australia has had something of...

Questions Need Answering on Pine Gap and Gaza: Interview With Professor Richard Tanter

Senator Raff Ciccone asked Australian Signals Directorate director general Rachel Noble whether she could clear up the confused social media chatter regarding how Pine Gap-sourced intelligence might be feeding into the Gaza genocide, or in using the official parlance, the...

Corrective Services Is Failing Us All: An Interview with Jailing Truths Exposed’s Joanna Scriven

Jailing Truths Exposed started as a Facebook group in 2021, but such was the response to it, that it’s transformed into a prisoners’ rights organisation, that’s now calling for an overhaul of the NSW prison system, as it’s not providing...

Theo Speaks: Pro-Palestinian Citizen Threatened With Bomb Pushes for Terrorism Charges

Imagine walking out to your driveway and finding a homemade bomb sitting on the bonnet of your car. The explosive device is made of a jerry can, partially filled with petrol, with a rag hanging out. Bolts are strapped to...

Gomeroi Victory Over Santos: An Interview With Gomeroi Elder Aunty Maria “Polly” Cutmore

A three justice bench of the Federal Court of Australia ruled on 6 March that the decision of the National Native Title Tribunal to greenlight the Santos Narrabri gas project to proceed on Gomeroi Country on 19 December 2022, does...

NSW Tibetan Community Rallies for Freedom: An Interview With Kyinzom Dhongdue

Sydney’s Martin Place was ablaze with the multicoloured Tibetan flag on Sunday morning to mark the 65th anniversary since the Tibetan Uprising of 10 March 1959, which saw thousands turn up on the streets of the Tibetan capital of Lhasa...

Prosecuting Australian Genocide: A Chat With Uncle Robbie Thorpe and Barrister Len Lindon

Currently, litigation that charges King Charles Windsor III with the crimes of genocide and ecocide is doing the rounds of the Victorian court system. Having been launched by Gunnai Mara elder Uncle Robbie Thorpe, the case was lodged in October...

Setting the Record Straight: The Jewish Council’s Sarah Schwartz on Antisemitism

Currently, the mainstream media cycle is conveying that antisemitic incidents are on the rise in the community. However, whilst some of the examples are clearly about circumstances involving the expression of prejudice against Jewish people, others involve criticism of the...

“All of Australia is the West Bank”: An Interview with Camp Sovereignty’s Uncle Robbie Thorpe

As Uncle Robbie Thorpe tells it, the reason for lighting the fire at and establishing Camp Sovereignty on Boonwurrung Country in the area also known as Melbourne’s Kings Domain on 12 March 2006, and again on 26 January, is the...

“Zionism Is a Colonial Crime”: Interview with Jews Against the Occupation 48’s Laurie Izaks MacSween

The pro-Palestinian rallygoers of Gadigal-Sydney convened at Hyde Park North last Saturday, marking the city’s 19th Gaza ceasefire protest march, which have all seen a procession of tens of thousands marching in unison to call for an end to the...
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