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“This Litany of Horrors Degrades Our Whole Nation”: PJLU’s Fabia Claridge on Refugee Policy

by Paul Gregoire
Newly minted PM Anthony Albanese was part of a 2015 attempt to ensure that a future Labor government would reverse the Operation Sovereign Borders policy of turning back asylum seeker and refugee boats. Albanese’s first act in office, however, was to facilitate...

“A Watershed Moment for Drug Policy”: Dr David Caldicott on the ACT Fixed Pill Testing Site

by Paul Gregoire
The greenlighting of a six-months trial of a fixed pill testing site in Australia’s capital is a “watershed moment” in terms of how the nation treats illicit substances, according to Dr David Caldicott, a long-term advocate for the nationwide rollout of...

Bungled Unwarranted Police Stakeout Results in Premature Raid, Says Climate Arrestee Nick Weaver

by Paul Gregoire
Last Sunday morning at around 8:30 am, two NSW police officers dressed in camouflage were surveilling a group of climate defenders from some bushes on a property in the town of Colo, northwest of Sydney, when they were spotted by some...

NSW Considers Medical Cannabis Driving Defence: Interview With Former Magistrate David Heilpern

by Paul Gregoire
The Turnbull government legalised medicinal cannabis use in 2016, along with the lawful cultivation, manufacture and distribution of it. But, six years on, and drivers who use the medicine continue to be penalised for having traces of it in their...

Albanese Won’t Lift the Unemployed Above the Line, Says Antipoverty Centre’s Jay Coonan

by Paul Gregoire
On rising to the top ministerial role in the country, Anthony Albanese has shone a light on the fact that he’s managed to achieve this height whilst growing up as the “son of a single mum who was a disability...

“Cautiously Optimistic”: NSW Council for Civil Liberties Josh Pallas on Albanese

by Paul Gregoire
NSW Council for Civil Liberties president Josh Pallas wrote last week that his organisation welcomes the end of the Morrison government, while it’s “cautiously optimistic” about the coming of Albanese and the changes it could bring. This guarded optimism seems to...

Despite Roots, Albanese Neglects Public Housing: An Interview With APH’s Andrew Chuter

by Paul Gregoire
During his victory speech, newly incumbent PM Anthony Albanese reflected on his journey from a childhood growing up in “public housing down the road in Camperdown” to the top ministerial position in the country, saying he hopes it “inspires Australians to...

Police Guns Out of Remote Communities: Warlpiri Elder Ned Jampijinpa Hargraves Calls Ceasefire

by Paul Gregoire
Remote First Nations communities across the Northern Territory are currently being patrolled by NT police armed with military-style weapons. So, unarmed locals of tens of thousands of years are under the constant surveillance of settler officers with guns on their...

The Creativity of Inmates: An Interview With Paper Chained Magazine Editor Damien Linnane

by Paul Gregoire
US Professor Angela Davis remarked in an interview with Democracy Now last December, that she was “absolutely surprised” that the concept of prison abolition has “entered into public discourse during this period”. Davis, a key abolitionist, and her colleagues hadn’t expected...

“Frankly Fed Up” With Unjust Drug Driving Laws, Says Legalise Cannabis’ Bernard Bradley

by Paul Gregoire
Right now, Legalise Cannabis Australia candidate Bernard Bradley is continuing to threaten the future of Pauline Hanson’s political career, as the pair are in a race to take out the final Queensland Senate seat. The fact that a single-issue party calling...
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