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On a Trajectory Towards Self-Annihilation: An Interview With Dr Helen Caldicott

by Paul Gregoire
Russian president Vladimir Putin currently has his people developing two so-called “Doomsday” planes that would allow him and other top leaders to fly to safety in the event of a nuclear conflict, whilst maintaining contact with the rest of the...

Scrutinising Berejiklian’s COVID Response: An Interview With David Shoebridge

by Paul Gregoire
The temperament of this year’s COVID-19 lockdown is completely different to the 2020 episode. Last year, the entire nation, along with the globe, closed down for an extended period, with financial packages rolled out at the federal level. This year,...

“A War for Money”: Peace Activist Greg Rolles on the Australian Abandonment of Afghanistan

by Paul Gregoire
Right now, the US is fixing to pull all of its troops out of Afghanistan by 11 September. Whilst Australia withdrew its remaining troops by 18 June. And as the invasion commenced in October 2001, this conflict marks our nation’s...

The Criminalisation of Whistleblowers: An Interview With Professor A J Brown

by Paul Gregoire
Under the Morrison government, whistleblower prosecutions are all the rage. Witness K was recently given a three month suspended sentence for his part in revealing the 2004 ASIS bugging of the Timor-Leste cabinet office, while Bernard Collaery is continuing to...

High Court Challenge to NSW Ag-Gag Laws: An Interview With Farm Transparency Project’s Chris Delforce

by Paul Gregoire
Animal cruelty is something the majority of the population are aghast by. And it’s for this very reason that the authorities take draconian measures to keep the horrific practices that go on within factory farms and slaughterhouses far from the...

Decriminalising Victorian Sex Work: An Interview With Reason’s Fiona Patten

by Paul Gregoire
The state of NSW decriminalised sex work in 1995. The criminal sanctions relating to it were removed, in recognition that sex work is a legitimate form of work and should be treated as such. Since then, the entire nation of...

“A Sense of Entitlement”: Shoebridge on Pork Barrelling and Lack of Federal Oversight

by Paul Gregoire
In the days leading up to the 2019 NSW state election, deputy premier John Barilaro joked with AAP about his nickname being “Pork Barrel-aro”. The NSW Nationals leader further remarked that he’d like to be made state treasurer, as, if...

Refugees Left an Invidious Choice: Barrister Stephen Lawrence on Legal Indefinite Detention

by Paul Gregoire
According to Home Affairs, on 31 May this year, there were 112 people amongst the 1,486 individuals being held in our nation’s immigration detention facilities, who’ve been locked away for more than five years. These people are classed as “unlawful...

“A Steady Deterioration in Rights” in Australia: An Interview With HRMI’s Thalia Kehoe Rowden

by Paul Gregoire
When the United Nations General Assembly announced that Australia would be serving on the UN Human Rights Council over the 2018-20 term, questions were raised about the nation’s fitness to hold a seat, especially in relation to its treatment of...

No Support for Religious Privileging Laws: An Interview With the Rationalist Society’s Neil Francis

by Paul Gregoire
Newly minted attorney general Michaelia Cash has signalled she’s producing a new draft of the Religious Discrimination Bill (RD Bill), which is a piece of legislation that purports to protect those of faith, whilst actually providing them with the privilege...
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