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Is Fascism on the Rise?: A Conversation With USYD Historian Dr Marco Duranti

by Paul Gregoire
At the time of writing, Joe Biden was about to be inaugurated the 46th president of the United States. And tensions were on high in Washington and state capitals over concerns that supporters of outgoing head of state Donald Trump...

UN Nuclear Weapons Ban Enters Into Force: An Interview With Dr Phoebe Wynn-Pope

by Paul Gregoire
Following the storming of the US Capitol Building on 6 January, members of congress called for measures to be taken to prevent outgoing president Donald Trump from launching a nuclear attack during his final days in office. Not only does...

Jailing Is Failing: An Interview With the Justice Reform Initiative’s Dr Mindy Sotiri

by Paul Gregoire
With 12,707 adults incarcerated in the NSW prison system last September, this state continues to be the greatest incarcerator in the country. Although, NSW crime rates – especially those involving property – have been dropping since the 1970s, with this...

Mobilising Against the Invasion: An Interview With FISTT’s Tameeka Tighe

by Paul Gregoire
The 26 January this year marks 233 years since the first lot of British boat arrivals entered the waters of this continent and began to unleash a colonial project that involved the dispossession of First Nations people from their lands...

The Indefinite Detention Achilles Heel: An Interview With Human Rights For All’s Alison Battisson

by Paul Gregoire
The Magna Carta is a charter of rights that was drafted by the court of King John of England in 1215. And to this day, the eight-century-old document provides the foundational legal principles of our modern Australian democracy, including that...

Improving the Lot of Transgender Inmates: An Interview With NSWCAPP’s Keith Quayle

by Paul Gregoire
Part 3.8 of the Custodial Operations Policy and Procedures of Corrective Services NSW (CSNSW) outlines how prison authorities deal with transgender and intersex inmates. It aims to achieve best practice, non-discrimination, safety and security. The policy stipulates that a transgender...

War Resumes in Occupied Western Sahara: An Interview With Polisario’s Kamal Fadel

by Paul Gregoire
Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) president and Polisario Front leader Brahim Ghali ended the 1991 ceasefire agreement between his Sahrawi independence forces and the Moroccan army, which has occupied most of Western Sahara since 1975. Ghali brought the 29-year-long truce...

Truth-Telling: Activist Stephen Langford on Facing Time Over Craft Gluing a Colonial Statue

by Paul Gregoire
The Black Lives Matter-Stop Black Deaths in Custody movement erupted in Sydney last June. Despite COVID lockdown restrictions only just being lifted, thousands took to the streets, as they challenged the tired and wearying official narrative around the British takeover of...

Drug Decriminalisation for the ACT: An Interview With Labor MLA Michael Pettersson

by Paul Gregoire
Led by the Uniting Church Synod of NSW/ACT, Fair Treatment has been calling on the jurisdictions of NSW and the ACT to decriminalise drug use and personal possession since late 2018. This health-based campaign has the backing of over 60...

“A Complaint System of Coverups”: An Interview With APS Whistleblower Ken Carroll

by Paul Gregoire
The persecution of whistleblowers in this country has become the focus of intense public debate of late. There’s the pending trial of David McBride for exposing war crimes similar to the Brereton report, as well as those of Witness K...
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