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Federal Labor Commits to War Powers Inquiry: An Interview With AWPR’s Dr Alison Broinowski

by Paul Gregoire
The release of the Brereton report shocked the nation. The investigation uncovered alleged war crimes perpetrated by Australian SAS troops in Afghanistan, of which 39 were recommended for possible prosecution. The inquiry also exposed the “warrior culture” operating within special...

First Nations Deaths in Custody Must be Independently Investigated: An Interview With David Shoebridge

by Paul Gregoire
The 15th of April was a sombre day this year, as it marked 30 years since the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody handed down a set of comprehensive recommendations designed to bring a halt to Indigenous fatalities under...

Legalise Cannabis WA Takes Two Upper House Seats: An Interview With MLC Sophia Moermond

by Paul Gregoire
In a sign that the global trend towards legalised cannabis markets is likely to hit Australian shores in the not-too-distant future, the Legalise Cannabis WA (LCWA) Party took out two Legislative Council seats in the 13 March Western Australian state...

“A Sword and Not a Shield”: Professor Simon Rice on Latham’s Religious Freedom Laws

by Paul Gregoire
That people should not be discriminated against because of their religious beliefs is something that a majority living within our secular society would agree upon. Indeed, persecuting someone because of adherence to a particular faith is akin to discrimination on...

A “Totalitarian Regime With a Sunny Climate”: McBride on Whistleblower Persecution

by Paul Gregoire
“I am appalled by what our country has become,” said former ADF lawyer David McBride. “I grew up in the shadow of the Second World War. I believed all that. And my disgust and anger to find that most of...

Latham’s Religious Freedoms Laws Entrench Discrimination: An Interview Greens MP Jenny Leong

by Paul Gregoire
A lot of people are scratching their heads this week over how it came to be that NSW One Nation leader Mark Latham’s Religious Freedoms and Equality Bill 2020 went through the parliamentary review process and came out the other...

Corrections Criminally Liable Over First Nations Custody Deaths, Says Former NSW Magistrate David Heilpern

by Paul Gregoire
The 15th of April marks 30 years since the Royal Commission Into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody handed down its final report, which made 339 recommendations aimed at preventing First Nations custodial deaths. Most of these recommendations, however, have never been...

Australia Suffering Biggest Impacts: An Interview With Climate Scientist Dr Andrew King

by Paul Gregoire
As the last blazes of the 2019-20 bushfire season were still ravaging the south east of this country, a group of over 200 Australian scientists presented an open letter to the federal government calling for urgent action on climate. While...

“We Need the People Behind Us”: Elizabeth Jarrett on the Sydney Black Custody Deaths Rally

by Paul Gregoire
Tens of thousands of people got out on the Sydney streets last June calling for an end to First Nations deaths in custody. At the time, there had been 433 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander custody deaths since 1991. Today,...

Calls for Justice as the System Fails Mhelody Bruno: An Interview With Artist Bhenji Ra

by Paul Gregoire
The 20th November is Trans Remembrance Day. And on this date last year, it was announced that 350 trans and gender diverse people had been killed globally over the course of the 12 months prior. Not only are transgender people...
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