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“Zionism Is a Colonial Crime”: Interview with Jews Against the Occupation 48’s Laurie Izaks MacSween

The pro-Palestinian rallygoers of Gadigal-Sydney convened at Hyde Park North last Saturday, marking the city’s 19th Gaza ceasefire protest march, which have all seen a procession of tens of thousands marching in unison to call for an end to the...

“We Will Remain Here as Long as It Takes”: Interview With the 24/7 Gaza Picket at the PM’s Office

Right now, there’s a 24/7 protest camp set up outside Anthony Albanese’s electoral office in Marrickville, which is demanding that the prime minister act in a manner that would at least be an attempt to bring an end to the...

Wage Peace Activist Margaret Pestorius on Police Framing Antiwar Actions as Violence

The Queensland Police Service announced on 23 January that officers from its Counterterrorism Investigation Group had executed multiple warrants at Brisbane residences, in relation to protest actions that took place in Tingalpa and that capital city earlier in the month. According...

Mainstreaming Civil Resistance: Climate Defender Brad Homewood on Building the Movement

The climate crisis gave everyone living on this continent a severe warning over the summer of 2019/20, when wildfires burnt 20 percent of forest to the ground. And for those who didn’t heed the call, a series of extreme flooding events hit...

What Happens if I Breach an Apprehended Violence Order in New South Wales?

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A Tasmanian Supreme Court judge is facing criminal charges over allegations he contravened an apprehended violence order  on three separate occasions while he was in New South Wales. The back story 62-year old Justice Gregory Geason pleaded not guilty in...

“Under Threat of Police Brutality”: An Interview with the Port Melbourne ZIM Ship Community Picket

The Port Melbourne ZIM Ship Community Picket served to successfully prevent a ship belonging to Israeli company ZIM from docking at the Port Melbourne Webb Dock, so it couldn’t pull in and deliver its goods. Not only did this cause...

Every Police Shooting, Nothing Happens, Regardless: Darren Gilbert on the Killing of His Son

“In any police shooting, number one, it is looked at civilly. Not criminally, straight off the bat,” says Darren Gilbert in the interview below regarding the shooting of his son, Luke, by two Queensland Police Service officers at Airlie Beach...

March on Invasion Day for First Nations Justice: An Interview With Dunghutti Activist Paul Silva

The 12 months since last year’s Invasion Day protest and next week’s have been tumultuous in regard to Indigenous affairs, to say that least. Not only did the government stage an unsuccessful Indigenous Voice referendum, but it’s been supporting genocide...

“Uncle Rob is Right. Israel, Australia: What is the Difference?”: Senator Lidia Thorpe on Gaza

The Albanese government having thrown itself into the US-led defence of Israel as it perpetrates genocide on the Palestinians within the walled-in region of the Gaza Strip reveals one settler colonial nation supporting another in its subjugation of Indigenous peoples...

“A Slow Burn Ethnic Cleanse”: APAN’s Nasser Mashni on the South African ICJ Genocide Case

South Africa stepped up just before the turning of the new year to lodge an application to initiate proceedings against the Israeli state, charging it with ongoing violations of the Genocide Convention, via the three-month-long wholesale massacre it’s been perpetrating in...
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