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Protect Trans Kids, Kill Latham’s Bills: An Interview With CARR’s April Holcombe

by Paul Gregoire
Leader of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party in NSW Mark Latham seems to have issues with sexuality. And the 59-year-old cis-gendered heterosexual member of the NSW Legislative Council seems to have a particular hang up about transgender and gender diverse...

“A Blatant Attempt to Repress Protests”: An Interview With Sydney Uni Arrestee Adam Adelpour

by Paul Gregoire
The NSW Liberals and ailing Nationals government announced on 17 September that in a fortnight’s time it would be allowing crowds of up to 40,000 people attend stadium events, as the owners of these venues have provided detailed COVID Safe...

NSW Police Bust Up Legal Campus Protests: An Interview With Student Activist Kelton Muir

by Paul Gregoire
For those who haven’t been following, NSW police has been enforcing an unofficial ban on protests since late July. Under the COVID-19 public health order on gatherings, outdoor meetings or assemblies “for a common purpose” of more than 20 people...

Don’t Bring the Drug Dogs Back: An Interview With Sniff Off’s Xiaoran Shi

by Paul Gregoire
On the evening of 10 September, the Sniff Off Facebook page alerted its close to 85,000 followers that police officers with a drug dog had been spotted at Blacktown Station. The post noted that this was the first time a...

Millions in Misconduct Payments: Shoebridge on the Paramilitary NSW Police Force

by Paul Gregoire
It’s been revealed that over the financial year 2019/20, the NSW Police Force or rather, the state’s taxpayers who fund them, paid out $24,164,658.82 to settle and defend police misconduct claims. And the number of civil cases brought against the...

Challenge Everything: An Interview With Extinction Rebellion’s Blue Sandford

by Paul Gregoire
The Extinction Rebellion (XR) has again mobilised across London. This time ten days of action culminated on Thursday with 13 topless women locking on outside Westminster Palace, drawing attention to the dangers faced if temperatures rise by 4°C above pre-industrial...

Berejiklian Short-Sighted on Uranium: An Interview With Uranium Free NSW’s Natalie Wasley

by Paul Gregoire
The O’Farrell government attempted to end the state ban on uranium mining and exploration in the early years of last decade. And while it succeeded in lifting the 26 year moratorium on exploring, due to pushback, the ban on mining...

Restore the Right to Protest: An Interview With Democracy Is Essential’s Vinil Kumar

by Paul Gregoire
Although there’s been no major announcement, the Berejiklian government has implemented a ban on outdoor protests of more than 20 people. And NSW police has been enforcing this rather underhanded prohibition since late July. After unsuccessfully attempting to have a...

Charged with Drug Driving? Have a Cannabis Prescription? Speak to Former Magistrate David Heilpern

by Paul Gregoire
Former NSW Magistrate David Heilpern is on a mission. It entails bringing about substantial reforms to the unjust roadside drug testing regime that’s currently operated by NSW police and only being bolstered by the Berejiklian government. The first change Heilpern...

“Free People Into the Community”: Debbie Kilroy on the Queensland COVID Prison Crisis

by Paul Gregoire
Right now, Queensland correctional facilities from Bundaberg down to the NSW border are in hard lockdown following prison officers having tested positive to COVID-19 for a second time in recent weeks. And somewhat unsurprisingly, inmates have been rioting at a...
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