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“A Sign of Weakness and Desperation”: Former ADF Major Cameron Leckie on AUKUS

by Paul Gregoire
“AUKUS is a sign of desperation or weakness, because you can’t understand the United States, without acknowledging that it’s an empire. All empires have a lifecycle. And the US is currently in decline.” For most Australians, the prime minister’s announcement...

Left Unprotected: An Interview With People With Disability Australia’s Giancarlo de Vera

by Paul Gregoire
The understanding that elderly people and people living with disability were the two key demographics most at risk of contracting COVID-19, and further, that they have an increased susceptibility to greater harms on infection, has been well grasped since the...

Police Profiling Intensifies Under COVID: An Interview With NUAA’s Dr Mary Ellen Harrod

by Paul Gregoire
The academic paper Policing Biosecurity sets out that of the people NSW police officers pulled up over a suspected COVID breach during the three months to 15 June last year, 45 percent were subsequently searched. However, in stark contrast, just...

Ban Pork Barrelling: Shoebridge on Laws to Criminalise the Shady Political Practice

by Paul Gregoire
The story is now well known. On 1 October, the Independent Commission Against Corruption announced it’s turning its investigation Operation Keppel upon then NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian’s conduct in relation to two specific instances of grants funding distribution. The ICAC...

“Poverty Is a Political Decision”: AUWU’s Jez Heywood on the Swift Cutting of COVID Payments

by Paul Gregoire
One thing has been certain in regard to the Morrison government’s handling of the resurgence of the COVID crisis in the latter half of this year, and that is it didn’t want to come to the table with relief payments...

A Backdoor to Going Nuclear: An Interview With the Raucous Anti-AUKUS Caucus’ Jacob Grech

by Paul Gregoire
Scott Morrison dropped it on the Australian public on 16 September that he’s embroiled the nation in a “forever partnership” with the US and the UK. The PM explained the AUKUS pact is in response to rising security concerns in...

“Jesus Used It Back in the Day”: An Interview With Legalise Cannabis/HEMP’s Michael Balderstone

by Paul Gregoire
The HEMP Party has decided to change its name to Legalise Cannabis Australia for the upcoming federal election. Established back in 1993, HEMP or Help End Marijuana Prohibition has been keeping the issue of cannabis legalisation on the political agenda...

Women Under Reimposed Taliban Rule: An Interview With DANA’s Barat Ali Batoor

by Paul Gregoire
Two hundred and twenty women judges in Afghanistan have gone into hiding, the BBC reports. After being charged with maintaining the rule of law in their country, these judicial officers fear for their lives, with those they may have sent...

COVID Prisoners Defence Class Action: An Interview With Justice Action’s Brett Collins

by Paul Gregoire
As the state of NSW focuses on opening up from the COVID lockdown and living with the virus, prisoners in this state’s correctional facilities are already having to do that, but a stark difference from the outside is most remain...

“We Should Be Outraged”: AWPR’s Dr Alison Broinowski on the AUKUS Pact

by Paul Gregoire
“G’day,” said the prime minister as he addressed the nation on 16 September. Scott Morrison then went on to reveal that he’s been busy committing us to a tripartite defence alliance – known as AUKUS – which includes the US...
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