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Whistleblower David McBride Remains the Only One Charged Years After Brereton Report

by Paul Gregoire
Due to mounting evidence that war crimes were being perpetrated by Australian special forces in Afghanistan, the federal Coalition government established the four-year-long Brereton inquiry, which tabled its final report in November 2020. The report recommended that the Australian Federal Police...

Albanese Must Step Up and Fight for Assange, as UK Greenlights Extradition

by Paul Gregoire
UK home secretary Priti Patel has done what those who were aware of her political leanings expected. Last Friday she greenlighted the extradition of Julian Assange, so that the White House can continue its assault on the Australian journalist, who...

In the Final Hours of the Assange Extradition, Doctors Call on UK Home Secretary to See Reason

by Paul Gregoire
The final decision on whether to extradite Australian journalist Julian Assange to the United States is currently before UK secretary of state for the Home Department Priti Patel. The conservative MP is expected to make her determination in the coming...

Thailand Legalises Cannabis, Handing Out One Million Plants to Citizens

by Paul Gregoire
On Thursday, 9 June 2022, Thailand legalised both cannabis and hemp nationwide, with the ability for unlimited homegrow, as well as establishing both boutique and larger businesses specialising in cannabis products or the manufacturing of goods containing the substance. The only...

Has the Depp v Heard Trial Damaged the #MeToo Movement?

by Sydney Criminal Lawyers
The high-profile defamation trial between Johnny Depp and his former wife Amber Heard saw the dirty laundry of each party aired to the world – the former’s alleged drug and alcohol abuse, disturbing text messages and destruction of property, and...

Australia: The Defamation Capital of the World

by Ugur Nedim
The high-profile defamation proceedings between Hollywood star Johnny Depp and his former wife, actor Amber Heard, was followed by millions around the globe. The story so far Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know Mr Depp commenced civil...

Canberra and Beijing Scramble for Security Influence in the Pacific

by Paul Gregoire
New foreign affairs minister Penny Wong on Wednesday set off on the second leg of her diplomatic tour of Pacific nations with the aim of smoothing over the animosity that’s built up after Morrison government neglect. Wong paid a visit to...

Bill Cosby Faces Multiple Civil Lawsuits Over Sexual Assault Claims

by Sonia Hickey
Former Hollywood actor and comedian Bill Cosby is back inside the courtroom, this time over claims he sexually assaulted a person considered to be a minor in California.   The former celebrity was released from a federal prison last year...

Julian to the Slaughter, as UK Moves Towards US Model of Killing Press Freedoms

by Paul Gregoire
The Westminster Magistrates Court approved the extradition of journalist Julian Assange to the US on 20 April. The proceedings were a mere formality, as the High Court had overturned its original decision not to extradite on mental health grounds, while upholding...

The Solomons: Australia Offered Fruit-Picking, While China Offers Economic Stability

by Paul Gregoire
During the 2019 Pacific Island Forum, nations raised concerns about Australia’s fossil fuel industry and the climate impact it’s having on their environments. Then deputy PM Michael McCormack, however, said this annoyed him, as these nations would be able to survive...
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