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Julian to the Slaughter, as UK Moves Towards US Model of Killing Press Freedoms

by Paul Gregoire
The Westminster Magistrates Court approved the extradition of journalist Julian Assange to the US on 20 April. The proceedings were a mere formality, as the High Court had overturned its original decision not to extradite on mental health grounds, while upholding...

The Solomons: Australia Offered Fruit-Picking, While China Offers Economic Stability

by Paul Gregoire
During the 2019 Pacific Island Forum, nations raised concerns about Australia’s fossil fuel industry and the climate impact it’s having on their environments. Then deputy PM Michael McCormack, however, said this annoyed him, as these nations would be able to survive...

Islamophobia Continues to Rise, Report Finds, Even After Christchurch

by Paul Gregoire
The third Islamophobia in Australia report was released on 19 March. This marked the third anniversary of the Christchurch massacre, which saw an Anglo Australian terrorist gun down 51 Muslims worshipping at mosques in the southern New Zealand city. The document...

“Redrawing the Lines of Power”: Peace Activist Jacob Grech on Mounting Global Tensions

by Paul Gregoire
The Russian invasion of Ukraine has entered into its second month despite early claims that it would be a fast takeover. And as the Ukrainian civilian population continues to be slaughtered, the Kremlin is now suggesting a potential de-escalation. But many...

Extradition Draws Closer for Assange, as Key Appeals Avenue Refused

by Paul Gregoire
The UK Supreme Court last week denied an appeal filed by Julian Assange against the 10 December 2021 decision of the UK High Court to extradite the Australian journalist to the United States.  The appeal application was based on the suicide...

Morrison’s Deporting Crime Issues to New Zealand, and It’s Starting to Feel It

by Paul Gregoire
They’re commonly known as 501ers, Australian migrant residents who get deported because they fail the character test contained in section 501 of the Migration Act 1958 (Cth). And the overwhelming majority of them are New Zealanders. Since then immigration minister Scott Morrison...

Let’s “Focus on Relieving Tensions”, Says Chomsky. With a Global War, “We’re Done”

by Paul Gregoire
Esteemed political commentator MIT Professor Noam Chomsky has long warned that the two greatest existential threats the globe is facing are climate change and nuclear war. Although for many, the latter used to seem like a throwback fear to the 1980s....

Rain Bombs, Megafires, Drought: Morrison Guarantees Worst Yet to Come

by Paul Gregoire
The nation’s largest city, Sydney, became the frontline of the climate crisis for the first time ever in recent days, as floods that have been wiping out people’s lives and entire towns right along the eastern seaboard, suddenly gushed through...

Government Seeks to Undermine High Court Ruling that First Nations People Cannot be Deported

by Paul Gregoire
The High Court ruled in 2020 that First Nations peoples cannot be deported on character grounds. It specifically found that New Zealand-born Gunggarri man Brendan Thoms and PNG-born Gamilaraay man Daniel Love couldn’t be turfed out of the country, despite minister...

How Putin’s “Reclaiming” of Ukraine Could Spark Dutton’s War on China  

by Paul Gregoire
The invasion of Ukraine has shocked the globe, as all wars do. Carnage carries horror whether it’s in Kyiv, Baghdad or Kabul. However, Putin’s push to take over Russia’s southwestern neighbour carries a number of possible repercussions that the US occupations...
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