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“A Sign of Weakness and Desperation”: Former ADF Major Cameron Leckie on AUKUS

by Paul Gregoire
“AUKUS is a sign of desperation or weakness, because you can’t understand the United States, without acknowledging that it’s an empire. All empires have a lifecycle. And the US is currently in decline.” For most Australians, the prime minister’s announcement...

COVID-19 Has Infected Medevac Refugees in Long-Term Hotel Detention

by Paul Gregoire
After 18 months of warnings, the inevitable has happened. A number of refugees who’ve been detained long-term by the Australian government have tested positive to COVID-19. These men are amongst the 50-odd majority Medevac refugees currently locked up in Carlton’s...

As PNG Offshore Detention Ends, Australia Abandons Its Remaining Detainees

by Paul Gregoire
Proving she’s just as substantial a human rights abuser as her predecessor Peter Dutton, home affairs minister Karen Andrews announced on 6 October that her government will be abandoning the remaining 120-odd asylum seekers in Papua New Guinea, after detaining...

TikTok Craze Could Lead to Assault Charges

by Sonia Hickey
Schools have been the victims of the latest TikTok craze. Teachers could be next. Several schools have warned students that if they’re caught participating in the Tik Tok craze which involves vandalizing school property, they will be charged by police....

The Trump Administration Plotted to Kidnap Assange and Pondered Assassinating Him

by Paul Gregoire
Discussions as to whether to kidnap Julian Assange and even assassinate the WikiLeaks founder were had at the highest levels of the Trump administration in 2017, in response to his organisation having published top secret information, which constituted “the largest...

A Backdoor to Going Nuclear: An Interview With the Raucous Anti-AUKUS Caucus’ Jacob Grech

by Paul Gregoire
Scott Morrison dropped it on the Australian public on 16 September that he’s embroiled the nation in a “forever partnership” with the US and the UK. The PM explained the AUKUS pact is in response to rising security concerns in...

In Avoiding the UN Climate Summit, Morrison Betrays Us All

by Paul Gregoire
Scott Morrison is well known for his ability to handle the press. The “fair go” PM excels in skirting around questions, and when he does deliberate directly upon a subject it may sound like he’s providing a reasonable answer, until...

Donald Trump Sues Twitter for the Reactivation of His Account

by Sonia Hickey
Former US President Donald Trump has filed a lawsuit in Florida, seeking to have Twitter reactivate his social media account on the basis that the current permanent suspension violates the First Amendment of the Nation’s constitution as well as Florida’s...

Women Under Reimposed Taliban Rule: An Interview With DANA’s Barat Ali Batoor

by Paul Gregoire
Two hundred and twenty women judges in Afghanistan have gone into hiding, the BBC reports. After being charged with maintaining the rule of law in their country, these judicial officers fear for their lives, with those they may have sent...

Australian Government Establishes “Enduring Form” of Offshore Detention on Nauru

by Paul Gregoire
Home affairs minister Karen Andrews and Nauruan president Lionel Rouwen Aingimea released a joint statement last Friday, outlining that Australia and the South Pacific island nation have signed a memorandum of understanding “to establish an enduring regional processing capability in...
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