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As NZ Legalises Pill Testing Permanently, Australian MPs Watch the Death Toll Rise

by Paul Gregoire
New Zealand health minister Andrew Little announced on 9 April that the 12-month-long interim laws permitting legal pill testing at festivals will be made permanent prior to their expiration, as the services have been making a positive impact. Passed in...

George Floyd’s Killer Found Guilty of Murder

by Sydney Criminal Lawyers
George Floyd’s death sparked global riots against police brutality and racial injustice. Now the police officer who knelt on his neck for more than nine minutes while he was handcuffed and on the ground has been found guilty. It’s an...

Light Up This 420 as the Edifice of Global Cannabis Prohibition Continues to Crumble

by Paul Gregoire
Today, 20 April, is 420: a global day when cannabis legalisation advocates mobilise against the ongoing prohibition of the herb. Although, these days, the number of jurisdictions around the planet where this action still holds relevance is dwindling. Pot, weed,...

Covid Passports: A Good or Bad Idea?

by Sonia Hickey & Ugur Nedim
Covid status certification is being developed in the United Kingdom while, in New York, it’s already a reality. And many believe it’s only matter of time before the Australian Government considers implementing similar requirements here. The proposed UK Covid certification...

Donald Trump May Face Criminal Charges

by Sonia Hickey & Ugur Nedim
Former United States President Donald Trump is currently defending 29 civil lawsuits, and he’s also the subject of multiple criminal investigations, including one into whether he personally, along with the Trump Organisation, committed various offences of fraud – including bank,...

Doctors Face Deregistration for Expressing Concerns About COVID Vaccines

by Sonia Hickey
Healthcare professionals have been warned they could be stripped of their ability to practise if they disseminate information about Covid-19 vaccines which regulators consider to be false or misleading. The Medical Board of Australia and the Australian Health Practitioner Regulatory...

Release of Medevac Refugees Highlights Failure of Offshore Detention

by Paul Gregoire
The February 2019 passing of the Medevac laws meant that refugees and asylum seekers slowly being tortured under our government’s ongoing policy of mandatory offshore detention could be more easily transferred to the Australian mainland to seek much-needed medical treatment....

NSW Greens Deliver Workable and Timely Cannabis Legalisation Bill

by Paul Gregoire
NSW Greens MLC Cate Faehrmann has introduced a bill into state parliament that aims to establish a regulated retail cannabis market in NSW – as well as decent provisions for homegrow – at a time when, if world trends are...

The Fear of Terrorism Does Not Justify the Wholesale Removal of Citizens’ Rights

by Paul Gregoire
Home affairs minister Peter Dutton slid through his ASIO Bill 2020 with bipartisan approval on the final sitting day of parliament last year. The usual suspect, the fear of terrorism, was cited as justification for the passing of the 90th...

Vote to Legalise Cannabis in the WA Election: An Interview With LCWA’s Leo Treasure

by Paul Gregoire
The 31st of January this year marked 12 months since the ACT legalised the personal use and possession of cannabis. And to date, the sky is yet to fall in. In fact, by all accounts, nothing has changed except for...
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