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The Gadigal-Sydney Pro-Palestinian Mass Protest: Six-Months of Nonviolent Social Cohesion

“We the people will not stand for genocide. We the people stand with our brothers and sisters in Gaza and all of Palestine,” said Mohamed Zorob, as he led the 21 April Gadigal-Sydney Free Palestine rally in chant. “We the...

The Pro-Palestine Gadigal-Sydney Ceasefire March Is 27 Weeks Strong: In Photos

Protest crowds have a life of their own: each one unique, with something of a character and personality of which you can speak. There have been many significant protests to have gathered on unceded Gadigal land, amongst the colonial statues...

A15 Sydney Targets Weapons Supplier Thales, as Governments Continue to Support Israel’s Genocide

Three pro-Palestinian activists locked on at the front entrance of the Rydalmere site of weapons manufacturing company Thales early Monday morning, to shut down its operations in an effort to harm the global supply chain that’s providing weapons to the...

Prosecuting the Global North Over Gaza Continues, as Germany Faces Genocide Complicity

To have South Africa haul up Israel in the International Court of Justice was a seismic shift in the manner in which the world order operates, as prior to the Global South nation filing the genocide case against Israel, such...

Strong Political Resolve on Display at the Six Month Gadigal/Sydney Gaza Genocide Protest: In Photos

Six months into the wholesale massacre upon the 2.3 million Palestinians of Gaza, and there has seen a successful fail by the mainstream in suppressing its horrors, as the mass atrocities have been live streamed and reported on in the...

Dan Duggan: Another Australian Citizen the US Is Questionably Seeking to Extradite

NSW Magistrate Daniel Riess ruled on Thursday that Dan Duggan’s extradition hearing can’t be adjourned any longer in an effort to secure Legal Aid, as he considers the Australian has been “irresponsible” with his money, even though the state seized...

Pine Gap, Our Nation’s Hideous, Grievous and Complicit Gaza Secret, Exposed

For many in this country, the position the Albanese government has taken on the six-month-long and worsening catastrophe in Gaza is unfathomable. This is by no means a small group, and, as its elected officials continue to facilitate such an...

The Killing Won’t Stop, and Nor Will the Movement: Free Palestine Sydney 25 Weeks On

The Sydney CBD was yet again overwhelmed by the sounds of mass chanting from a procession of thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters draped in watermelon colours, drumming and banging on pots and pans and calling for a ceasefire 25 weeks into...

NSW Police Officers Assault and Arrest Pro-Palestinian Protesters in Sydney

Sydney pro-Palestinian unionists and activists blocked off the road leading into Port Botany’s Patrick Terminal on Sunday night, targeting the Ganges container ship, which docked early that morning to unload goods bound for Australia, as the boat belongs to Israeli...

The Horrors of Gaza Soar, as the US-Backed Israeli Genocide Continues Six Months On

The next stage of the Gaza genocide that the Israeli military has its sights on is a ground invasion of Rafah, where more than one million Palestinians are gathered after the Netanyahu government has killed close to 32,000 people, with...
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