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When It Comes to Kneejerk Criminal Law Enactment, Antisemitism Is the New Terrorism

Following the 2001 9/11 attacks in New York City, the Australian government, like many others, embarked on a terror law enacting bonanza. And because our nation, unlike any other western democracies, is devoid of federal rights protections, our terror laws...

Truth Is Misinformation: Wong-Albanese Doublespeak on Gaza

On the second sitting day of federal parliament this year, Greens MP Adam Bandt moved a motion calling for an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza. And with the death toll of the Israeli-perpetrated massacre then at more than 27,000 Palestinians,...

Restore UNRWA Funding: Photos of 18th Gadigal-Sydney Rally Against Gaza Genocide

A key theme to this week’s Stop the Genocide in Gaza rally, meeting for the 18th week in a row, had a focus on restoring UNRWA funding, as mass starvation has commenced in the Gaza Strip, along with the mass slaughter,...

As Morrison Cosies Up to Former CIA Chief, It’s Clear Assange Never Stood a Chance

Former PM Scott Morrison announced on 23 January that he’s leaving federal politics this month for bloodier pastures, and as the news of his future endeavours came to light, the details reinforced the fact that there’s no need for dystopian fiction...

Alabama Begins Gassing Inmates to Death, With Other US States Set to Follow

The US state of Alabama executed Kenneth Eugene Smith on 25 January, and whilst US authorities killing a person as a result of being sentenced to death by a court is nothing new, as it’s long taken place, what has caused...

Open Letter to Prime Minister Albanese on Gaza – February 2024

The Independent and Peaceful Australia Network (IPAN) has released this open letter to prime minister Anthony Albanese on Monday. IPAN members are hoping to present it, including with the list of signatories, to either the PM or foreign minister Penny...

Producing Child Abuse Material Using AI Can Amount to a Criminal Offence

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The Australian media made international headlines this week, with Channel Nine being front and centre of the debate about AI generated images. The story goes like this: Channel Nine sourced an image of Animal Justice Party MP Georgie Purcell and...

As the Genocide Continues, So Too, Do the Demonstrators on Gadigal: 16th Sydney Rally in Pics

For 16 weeks in a row now, pro-Palestinian demonstrators have rallied in Sydney’s Hyde Park and then poured out onto the streets to create a procession winding back blocks. Indeed, these numbers are extraordinary, but then so too is the...

World Court Rules Genocide Charge Against Israel Plausible, Yet Australia Cuts Aid to Gaza

The initial findings regarding the genocide claim South Africa has raised against Israel with the International Court of Justice were delivered last Friday, and they ordered Tel Aviv to take urgent steps to prevent genocide in Gaza, meaning the majority found further...

Autonomous Sanctions Act: Punishing Foreigners for Corruption, Human Rights Abuses and Cyber-Crime

Australia has imposed sanctions against a Russian citizen over the Medibank cyber-attack in 2022, which saw the personal information of millions of Australians accessed, extortion threats made and many of the details published on the dark web after those threats...
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