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A Lack of AUKUS Subs May Cause Domestic Frowns, But Uncle Sam Is None Too Fazed

Australia was confronted with the news that the first of three second-hand Virginia class nuclear-powered submarines, we are is supposed to receive in 2032, may not be forthcoming just prior to Thursday’s one year anniversary of the 2023 San Diego...

Cold War Implications of Dan Duggan Extradition Heat Up as Security State Closes Ranks

The extradition case involving Australian citizen Dan Duggan, which has seen the father-of-six remanded in prolonged isolation on request of the US for over 500 days now, has always maintained an air of legitimacy about it, despite its stark anomalies,...

ASIO’s Chinaphobic Threat Assessment Ignores the Risk Posed by US Warmongers

ASIO director general Mike Burgess reminded the nation during his 28 February annual threat assessment that despite a nation having gone rogue, breaking all norms of war and undermining the international justice system for five months now, the local focus...

Is a Criminal Offence Considered More Serious If Motivated by Hatred or Prejudice?

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Australian Women’s Soccer Captain Sam Kerr has found herself on the wrong side of the law in London, England after an alleged altercation with a taxi driver over a fare early last year. The Matilda’s captain put in a stellar...

FAMINE: Israeli-Made, Australian-Backed, Utter Colonial Bastardry in Gaza

The Anglosphere - the AUKUS powers, Canada and New Zealand - rallied around Live Aid in 1985, which was a massive multicontinental rock concert spanning 16 hours that featured the world’s biggest performers and raised money to provide food aid...

Despite the Evidence on the DFAT Site, Wong Still Denies Recent Weapons Exports to Israel

“We know that Australia is not just silent when it comes to the genocide, but Australia is deeply complicit,” said Greens Senator David Shoebridge at the 25 February Palestine Action Group rally in Gadigal-Sydney’s Hyde Park. This was the 20th...

Australia Will Detain Citizens in Long-Term Isolation Without Charge, On the Say So of the US

The use of solitary confinement or isolation is controversial to say the least, as this method of punishing an inmate by detaining them alone in a cell is said to cause psychological harm. And when it comes to prolonged isolation,...

“The Last Setter Colonial Project”: Gadigal-Sydney Won’t Stop Demanding Gaza Ceasefire

“I stand before you here as someone who has lost 70 members of the Zorob family since the start of the genocide and many others before,” local Palestinian man Mohamed Zorob told the 20th Palestine Action Group rally of Gaza...

Assange Appeals for His Life, Global Press Freedoms and International Justice

Award-winning Australian Journalist Julian Assange was too sick to attend the most vital appeal of the US request to extradite him, which the UK has already greenlighted, and this was because the White House and 10 Downing Street have been...

The Marrickville Declaration Asserts Civil Society Resistance to AUKUS

Former PM Scott Morrison is the architect of AUKUS: a pact between Australia, the UK and the US involving exorbitant costs, increasing militarisation of the public sphere, the introduction of nuclear military technology and an ever-growing US military presence on...
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