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Third ‘Non-Conviction’ for Drug Possession

Our client is a 38-year-old teacher. Police in plain clothes observed him stand up and exit a bar as they were entering the premises with a drug-detection dog. Police decided to approach him, at which time our client immediately produced... read more

No Criminal Record for ‘Deemed Supply’ of 15 Ecstacy Tablets

Our client is a 24 year old student who was found to be in possession of 15 ecstasy tablets. During the police interview, he admitted intending to supply the tablets to his friends once they were all together inside the... read more

No Conviction for ‘Deemed Supply’ of 12 Ecstacy Tablets

Our client is a 27-year-old apprentice plumber from Sydney. Police observed him walking along a footpath with another person outside a popular annual music festival. As our client was adjusting his pants, a single brown pill fell out of his... read more

Not Guilty of Commercial Drug Importation

Our three clients are all Indonesian nationals who were crew members aboard a ship headed for Australia. The ship’s cargo-hold was altered to increase its capacity, containing a speed boat and dozens of ‘Prada’ bags filled with a total of... read more

Drug Supply Charges Withdrawn

Our client is a 58-year-old lady who owns a tobacconist store in the CBD. Police had previously seized synthetic drugs from her store, and had received further reports that synthetic cannabis was still being sold. They obtained a warrant to... read more

Bail Granted for Large Commercial Drug Supply

Our 23 year old client has been granted conditional bail in Central Local Court after being charged with ‘supplying a large commercial quantity of prohibited drug’ and ‘knowingly participate in criminal group’. Police conducted a controlled operation into the alleged... read more

Client Avoids Prison Despite Breaching Suspended Sentence

In May 2013, our client pleaded guilty to Supplying a Commercial Quantity of Prohibited Drug and 3 counts of Possess Prohibited Drug. He was given a two-year ‘Suspended Sentence’ and 3 x three-year ‘Section 9 Good Behaviour Bonds’ for those... read more

All Clients who Pleaded Guilty to Drug Possession Avoid Criminal Records

In Burwood Local Court, each of our Senior Lawyers represented 3 clients who were caught possessing drugs at the Stereosonic Music Festival. Our clients were from various social, economic and cultural backgrounds and worked in a range of fields –... read more

Bail for 63kg Commercial Drug Importation

Our client is a 26 year old Columbian national who, before his arrest, was in Australia on a student visa. He is charged with importing 63 kilograms of methamphetamine from Mexico and Columbia into Australia, in contravention of section 307.1... read more

All Clients Charged with Drug Possession during Harbourlife Avoid Criminal Convictions

The Harbourlife Music Festival on 8th November 2014 led to a large number of arrests for drug possession. On 5th December, our Senior Lawyers each represented 3 clients who pleaded guilty to drug possession in Downing Centre Local Court. Our... read more
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