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Driver Licence Appeals

Appeal against suspension or demerit points

A well-prepared and persuasively-presented driver licence appeal can result in:

  • your suspension being overturned,
  • you getting your licence back, or
  • demerit points not being recorded against you.

You normally only get one chance at a driver licence appeal.

It is therefore important to engage traffic lawyers with a proven track record in driver licence appeals.

Sydney Criminal Lawyers® has an outstanding track record in appealing traffic matters, including:

  • automatic suspensions by police or RMS (former RTA),
  • demerit point suspensions, and
  • the imposition of demerit points generally.

We are also vastly experienced in defending driving charges when our clients wish to plead ‘not guilty’.

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When you can Appeal

  • You can appeal against a driver licence suspension in the following circumstances:
  • You are given an ‘on the spot’ police suspension for a major traffic offences such as drink driving (mid or high range), speeding by over 45kph, reckless driving, dangerous diving etc;
  • You are given an RMS (former RTA) suspension for speeding by over 30kph or 45kph;
  • You are a P plater and are given a demerit points suspension.;
  • You are a full licence holder and plead ‘not guilty’ to the offence causing your demerit points suspension; and
  • You are a full licence holder and wish to plead ‘guilty’ to the offence causing your demerit point suspension, but feel that a licence suspension would be too harsh. In such cases, your traffic lawyer can ask the court for a non conviction order (no conviction) and, if successful, no demerit points will be recorded against you.

Appeals must be filed within 28 days of receiving the RMS notification letter or, if a letter was not received, within 28 days of becoming aware of the suspension.

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