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08/08/2019 By Ed E.

In the beginning my case began slowly with a last minute lawyer change a week before the case was to be heard. In saying this, the slow beginning and last minute lawyer change can be excused. Lawyer Kent Park managed to pickup the case and professionally prepare for the case with a week of preparation. This shows the expertise and experience which Sydney Criminal Lawyers has.

Within the week, Kent Park was able to prepare the case and attend on my behalf in court with a more than promising outcome.

Along side this Kent Park was very professional keeping in contact with myself along the way and making the process and seamless as possible. Kent was very dedicated to the case and had my best interest in mind.

In addition to this, Kent Park has a very outgoing personality and was very easy going which made communicating much more comfortable. As speaking to a lawyer may be a daunting experience for some.

I would like to thanks Kent Park for his exceptional work on the 7th August 2019. If anyone requires legal advice Sydney Criminal Lawyers is highly recommended. Keep up the great work!

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