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Great help and support

07/01/2020 By Sydney A.
Fahim Khan has been of great help, service and advise to me. I had a very high profile case, and media coverage.
– He kept me informed about the progress of my case and advised the appropriate actions.
– Infact all the team of Sydney Criminal Lawyers have been of great help and support, whenever I had a interaction with them.

Results I Got:

1. Initial strict bail conditions were reduced to minimum bail condition by Fahim arguing on my behalf in court.
2. Finding the best available Barrister for my case after fully understanding the case and consulting with me.
3. Case gets dropped, even before going to Trial. Saving money, mental tension and lots of other hassles.

– Plz remember court cases and issues takes time. You needs to be patient and in control of your mind and emotions so you can work with your lawyers, advise them, take advise and than get the best results possible.

Thank You Everyone.

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