Client Review

He didn’t waste a single word. Everything was precise.

Thank you Saba Rezae

Recently I was charged with three serious assault charges that I knew I was innocent of. The problem I had was to find a lawyer that would objectively and subjectively review my situation. A lawyer that I could completely trust and put my future prospects in their hands.

The moment I met Saba and spent 5 minutes with him I knew that I at least had a fighting chance of success.
He was tough with me. He was effective and was never swayed or wavered from his strategy. But ultimately to see him deal with this matter in court was just an amazing experience. He was respectful and calm with the arresting officer. He was calm yet sharp as an arrow with his points. He didn’t waste a single word. Everything was precise. His knowledge of my case was better than mine. Which is exactly what I needed. The way he presented my evidence and case was far superior to senior barristers and that I have dealt with.

Saba worked with my evidence and pieced together what was relevant and what was not. He is a gifted and talented man. I have no doubt that his future success is assured and I would always back this man and vouch for his intentions and skills.

All my charges were dismissed. This was inconceivable when you consider the stature of the plaintiff in the community. He proved to me that justice is still out there. But only if you know what you’re doing and that you know how to handle the facts that count and the ones that don’t.

Thank you Saba you have changed my life. I knew I was innocent and you showed and proved it under very difficult conditions. I am indebted to you and I wish you all the success life rewards you with.

God bless you.