Client Review

He saved my life

Wow. Just wow. My matter was going on for past 2 years and Ive had lawyers and barrister that I was unhappy and disappointed with then I met Saba. He is without doubt best lawyer I have ever seen. Ever.

Judge had said before that my matter was serious and he was thinking of increasing punishment. Saba put so much time and work into my case before my next court date and stayed in regular communication with me to update me on exactly what is happening with matter. Saba not only got judge to change his mind to not increase sentence but he also convinced him to REDUCE it. The prosecutor tried to fight it but Saba fought even harder and his skills in court is amazing and even better than barristers I have seen.

Words cannot express how thankful I am for his help. Thanks to Saba, me and my wife and my son are no longer going to be deported. He did not just provide me a service. He saved my life. And same with my family. Thanks so much Saba and I will recommend anyone who ever has trouble to you..saba is the best if the best