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He spoke to me as an equal

16/03/2018 By Paul S.

I was issued with a subpoena to give evidence in a criminal case and was very worried and stressed about it. I obviously needed expert legal advice. My usual lawyer, who I had used for a number of years, referred me to their internal criminal law expert. I met with him and not only did he instill fear into me he also saw it as an opportunity to extort $3K from me. My gut feeling told me to find someone else. This is when I contacted Sydney Criminal Lawyers® and met with Ali Saleh, one of their Senior Criminal Lawyer.

Ali was very knowledgable in the type of matter and everything involved from the police to the prosecution as well as what my role would be. He spoke to me as an equal and gave me practical advice and comfort about the situation. The fees were very reasonable and when I asked if he thought I would need legal representation beyond our initial meeting and during court appearances he said no and that I had nothing to worry about.

Compared to what my family lawyer’s rep was trying to do I was amazed he did not take advantage of me. Turns out he was right. My statement was not tendered to court and I was not required to give evidence. I know this is lengthy however I am so grateful for what he did that I want others to know. He even took my calls and answered my text messages after our meeting. I highly recommend Ali and Sydney Criminal Lawyers®. Thank you for helping me!

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