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He was thorough, concise, professional and realistic

29/08/2019 By Emmanuel G.

I had a fairly tricky traffic case. It meant a lot to me that I had the best representation to see it through to get a positive result.

Initially, I felt the administrative side of SCL let me down and caused some concern and doubt with me.

Thankfully, this was resolved, albeit late in the proceedings, some weeks after my initial consultation and subsequent fee payment, and only a week prior to court attendance date.

Fahim Kahn, the lawyer assigned to my case, called me to go over the matter. He was thorough, concise, professional and realistic. And when it came to the crunch – in court, up against a tough magistrate – Fahim rose to the occasion and presented my genuinely worthy case convincingly, honestly and with personable and persuasive concern. Thankfully I received the result I had hoped for, seemingly, against all odds. And I feel that it was as much my own supportive material as it was Fahim’s ability to convey it to the magistrate.

Needless to say, but I am eternally grateful for Fahim’s experience and skill in providing the representation for me that he did.

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