Client Review

I ended up getting up a good result

I had a court case at Waverley local court and was represented by Michael Moussa, senior managing lawyer. He called me the day before and reassured me of a positive outcome. On the day, I was super nervous but I ended up getting up a good result. Michael is an excellent lawyer who looks after you and answers all questions effectively. I highly recommend Michael to anyone with serious offences.

Earlier I was assigned to Sherleen Chand, senior criminal lawyer, who also thoroughly advised me on the documents to prepare to help me get the best outcome. In addition, she also arranged the psychologist for me, who prepared an excellent court report for me. I also highly recommend Sherleen Chand if you are facing serious charges.

Thanks to these 2 lawyers, I can now focus on uni and work as well as, be able to live my life without worries.