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I got a section 10, I feel so happy

15/08/2017 By Y. Lee

I got involved in a traffic offence which is failing to stop for the police when directed to do so. And the court date is 11/08/17.

After I got the fact sheet from the police in July, I made a nice, useful, informative and free initial conference with Fouad Awada, who is the senior lawyer in the Sydney Criminal Lawyers® firm. He gave me really useful legal aid and instruction for how to plead guilty in the court so that I can be sentenced with section 10. From his voice, words and experience, I deeply trust him, then I want him to be my representative in the court because I do not think he would let me disappointed.

After following his instructions for pleading guilty, I submitted all the materials to him. He reviewed all of them and helped me to improve the letter of apology to make it better as my English writing skills are not good enough.

Finally, today I walked into the Downing Centre court in Sydney with him. He could give me a feeling of confidence and comfort, so I was not nervous. As this was my first time to enter court, I was so nervous before I went inside the court with him.

Eventually, he helped me to persuade the magistrate to sentence me the section 10 with no behaviour bond. I feel so happy and glad for the results of my case, and dealing with my case with Fouad Awada.

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