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I have no reservations in recommending Mitchell Cavanagh as the most effective legal practitioner I have ever had dealings with in a working lifetime spanning some 45 years

13/10/2014 By Graham L.

I came to know Mitchell when I was looking for a lawyer to assist me in defending myself against criminal charges.

The case came about when the DPP took up a recommendation by the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC).

Due to the hard work, skill and diligence of Mitchell Cavanagh, the DPP “was compelled” to drop and withdraw all charges against me.

I believe the most critical element of a legal practitioner is their ability to win their client’s trust and confidence.

While it was very evident that Mitchell had a very heavy work load, he always gave me his undivided attention when we were together face to face or over the telephone.

Mitchell made me feel that everything I had to say to him was important and of interest to him.

He also made me feel that he would only make statements and observations to me that were carefully researched and based in facts of law.

In other words, Mitchell never could have been accused of telling me only what I wanted to hear.

I built up confidence in Mitchell by observing that the advice he gave me was virtually always vindicated by either future events, or by his legal peers and Judges, or by his opponents.

Mitchell’s research was very meticulous and the wording of his presentations was likewise.

My case was complex, involving an evidence brief of some 8,000 pages and additional research besides.

It required Mitchell coming to understand an unusual quasi Government regulatory and commodity trading business with complex accounting, financing and management systems.

Of course it also involved getting to know the intricacies and make up of my organisation and it’s people.

Mitchell not only quickly came to understand the business, but was then able to sort out his arguments so clearly in presenting a defence, that his arguments were never questioned by either the Judiciary or his opposing peers.

Mitchell was also extremely capable at sorting “the wheat from the chaff” and his presentations appeared to focus on the critical points more effectively than his opponents.

I found Mitchell to have the highest standard of courtesy and consideration for others.

He was always understanding and pleasant notwithstanding my own impatience “on occasions”.

Mitchell was never arrogant with me or anyone in my presence and could only be described as a totally dedicated person and a very professional advocate.

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