Client Review

Mr Nedim got my charges dropped before I even started trial. I owe my life to you guys

Sydney Criminal Lawyers® are Gold. I’ll tell you my story:

I was wrongly charged by police looking at a long time in jail I got charged for a serious home invasion.

From the start I told Mr Nedim the whole story how I was innocent an did not do the crime.

He stuck by me and believed me and fought from the start to the finish for me.

Mr Nedim got my charges dropped before I even started trial he got me the best barrister anyone could get and within a week of that my charges were dropped.

My case was going for nealy 2 years I always had updates text messages phone calls to let me know how it was going.

I owe my life to you guys, you are amazing at what you do and my family are so thankful for everything.

Now me and my partner don’t have to stress about our 3rd baby coming into world because I will be here.

Once again thank you very much. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND SYDNEY CRIMINAL LAWYERS®. Nedim is a legend.

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