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No convictions followed

19/05/2020 By Joe Z.
I recently had the pleasure of being represented by Mariecar Capili who successfully defend all charges against me, ensuring that no convictions followed. I am exceptionally pleased with the outcome.

At all times, Mariecar was professional, attentive and efficient. Notwithstanding, Mariecar’s submission was meticulous, ensuring the best defence was advanced.

During the past few months, we faced obstacles on various fronts, including those emanating from Covid-19. Mariecar’s calming and reassuring demeanour was most helpful during these times. From the get-go, telephone calls and emails were always returned promptly. Legal issues were concisely clarified, including all options available to me should our primary defence not be successful.

Mariecar, words alone cannot express my sincerest gratefulness. Again, I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you very much. You delivered the best outcome that was legally possible.

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