Client Review

Simply outstanding service

Simply outstanding service.

I was represented by Saba Rezae in a local court matter and he was excellent. Throughout the process he was professional, always being completely honest and upfront with me and explaining what the various options I had moving forward were.

Saba was always prompt in replying to any questions I had and kept me fully informed of the progress of my matter.

Saba was able to chart a course of action that involved a Section 32 application, which are notoriously hard and often unsuccessful due to poor preparation by lawyers. This was not the case with Saba. His presentation of my S.32 was expertly prepared and presented with all the information the court needed to hear well thought out. while the application was not granted, the way in which the report was explained to the court led to an excellent outcome of a CCO order. With any other lawyer, I would not have achieved this outcome and would be facing a custodial sentence.

I would not hesitate in recommending Saba and Sydney Criminal Lawyers to anyone in need to honest and professional advice and representation with any matter.