Client Review

Thank you again for what you did to get a Section 10 for me!

My appeal matter was taken by Michael Sommerville and I want to thank you again for what you did to get a Section 10 for me! I don’t how I would live knowing the fact that I am a convicted person. I screwed up a lot (as usual) but from this time, I will be more responsible person, I promise. It was just literally 6-7 minutes from the beginning of hearing my matter and I left the court room as an absolutely happy person. Thank you for that – you are the awesome genius! You took all this nervous process in your hands from the very first our meeting. You took care about my matter and helped me to go through the most difficult period of my life! During the time from that night, I made mistake by mistake because I couldn’t control my situation and stress but you helped me to choose right direction and took all this stress. That was amazing! I will do all my best for not to screw up again especially this one year because I know I will not be giving the second chance. I will concentrate more on my college project now then. Best of luck for you and what you love!

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