Client Review

Thank you all again – I am very grateful for everything you all did for me

I want to say thank you for Sydney Criminal Lawyers® for representing me through my recent ordeal with a low range PCA charge. They were very professional and experienced, and I am grateful that I found out about them – through similar reviews – and that they were able to help me through the whole process. My initial phone call with Mr Avinash Singh, who led me through the entire process of preparing my documents and references, and all the subsequent co-ordination and communication from my local court and district court appearances – thank you, Avinash, for being so reassuring and knowledgable throughout everything. Thank you also to Ms Maryanne Nguyen, who represented me in the local court – for being so professional and thorough – and for recommending that I proceed towards a severity appeal. Finally, a huge thank you to Mr Jack Leitner for representing me at the district court – for the time you spent reviewing the case with me, your expertise and brilliance during the actual appeal, and your kindness and concern for my personal well-being.

Thank you all again – I am very grateful for everything you all did for me.

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