Client Review

Thank you for helping me get my license back for mid-range PCA!

I was very impressed with Jimmy Singh from Sydney Criminal Lawyers® and his professionalism throughout my case.

I had lost faith in lawyers after my local court experience, where my lawyer from another company showed up late, seemed to have put no thought into my case until he was inside the court room and in my opinion negatively impacted on my conviction severity.

Sydney Criminal Lawyers® and in particular Mr Jimmy Singh who handled my severity appeal in district court proved themselves to be the far superior lawyers.

Straight from his agreement to take on my case he carefully explained to me the way in which we would structure my case in order to obtain a more favourable outcome, whilst giving me no false hope other than that he would try his best to get the outcome that we were after.

Finally, it was the day of my severity appeal, we discussed the case beforehand.

It was a long day in court. Jimmy was on the ball pretty much since his arrival, taking notes, discussing with the DPP and working on my case up until the last minute.

Then came the judgement, I had been convicted with mid-range PCA, with a six month suspension of license and a $750 dollar fine in local court and after my district court severity appeal where Mr Jimmy Singh from Sydney Criminal Lawyers® defended me I got past the conviction with a Section 10 (1)(b).

I would highly recommend Sydney Criminal Lawyers®.