Client Review

Thank you so much for getting me out of trouble

There is a good reason why Google review is so important especially when you are not certain about something or someone you are just about to engage with because misleading reviews could sometimes make your life worse forever. With that in mind, the fact that you also have actually dragged yourself out in front of computer to log into google and writing up the review also means that you truly appreciate the service you received and that you want to share your life changing experience with others so that they can also get the genuine advices and knowledge to save yourself from going down.

Jimmy Singh, a Managing Senior Lawyer at Sydney Criminal Lawyer is a top bloke, charismatic, super intelligent and knows exactly how to look at the situation in a holistic view and helps you to prepare the case appropriately and puts yourself into the best position as possible before the matter is heard.

In my case, he literally did not even have to say a word at the hearing and still won the trial. The judge acknowledged my innocence by just reading what Jimmy had prepared and did not question anything and gave the order to section 10 with bond. I still find it amazing and feeling immense stress relief. Thank you so much mate for getting me out of trouble and stood by me and for proving that you can help me!!

Highly recommend Jimmy and you will NOT be disappointed with him.