Client Review

The Fixed-Fee Schedule is definitely a plus

I was charged with Indecent Assault and Common Assault. I retained Wali Shukoor as my Lawyer. His experience with the vagaries of the legal system, plus a confluence of factors including 3 months of preparation, a convincing Mental Health Report, good personal References, a non-argumentative Prosecutor and a ‘nice’ Magistrate, came together just at the right time that resulted in a successful Mental Health Plan (aka Section 32 Dismissal).

I am absolutely positive that without Wali’s assistance and representation, there is no way I would have got a Section 32, and would instead get a Criminal Conviction plus a heavy Fine (or even Jail). The Fixed-Fee Schedule is definitely a plus, too. The cost was $1650 to Sydney Criminal Lawyers® and $950 to a Psychologist for a Mental Health Report, which by the way, was the cheapest I found.

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