Client Review

The impossible happened on this day

This was my first experience with the law, and I was terrified. I didn’t know what to do with myself, how to act or what to think. I’ve traveled the world, and want to do more, and I want to continue getting good jobs, but I feared that this would be the end of that.

I was among the many who went and saw many different lawyers who all told me that “a section 10 is impossible for this charge”. There was 10 charges of Embezzlement.

Coming into Sydney Criminal Lawyers® was an experience I will never forget. Met with Steven Patrick, a senior lawyer at the firm who was open, honest and down to earth in relation to the case. He conducted a lot of research before giving us our first advice.

Steven for the next 7 months was essentially my best friend. The service that he provided during this traumatic time was exceptional. He enlisted the assistance of barrister, Jack Tyler-Stott who further assited with the matter as we approached our court date.

The impossible happened on this day, and I was given a section 10. What was said would be impossible, became possible because of the exceptional work done by Steven and Jack. There is no amount of thank yous that I can give that exactly shows how thankful I am for these amazing gentlemen.

If you ever find yourself making a mistake (like we all do at some point in our lives) I highly recommend Steven who to me, has saved my life.