Client Review

The result meant that I was still eligible for my job

Maryanne handled my case after I was detected with MDMA at the Listen Out Festival in Sydney. I had never had any experience with courts or its processes which was very nerve wracking. I was finishing my degree and had lined up a job that demanded criminal record checks for employment. Maryanne explained to me the process and guided me through getting the right documents, character references, and writing a letter of apology so that I was prepared as possible for hearing.

Maryanne called me regularly to check up on how I was going and was more than available when it came to queries which eased my nerves a great deal. On the day Maryanne had everything arranged, double checked all the facts about my case, and communicated really well what was happening.

All of this made the experience as pleasant as possible and really helped me remain calm. The final decision by the court gave me a Section 10(1)b which results in no criminal record! The result mean’t that I was still eligible for my job and I was not impacted in the future with work or travel.

Thank you Maryanne!