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These solicitors know the law and will fight for an outstanding result

12/07/2018 By Luke T.

I recently had a driving matter in my favour due to using the professionalism of SCL. My driving matter isn’t your standard every now and then ticket as I had 2 habitual offenders under my belt. I’ve been disqualified for over 5 years and had to do something about this. It was when I was browsing online and came across a new law via the SCL website that gave me the information and guidance to attempt to re obtain my license.

I had Saba Rezae represent me and got me over the line. At first whilst at court I had a slight feeling that I wasn’t going to win the case as my my driving record truthfully is quite shocking but Saba reassured me that he’ll fight for me. The end result is I now can re-obtain my license wiping off 10+ years. I will happily say the experience was always held professionally and can assure that these solicitors know the law and will fight for an outstanding result. Thank You

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