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Trust her, she is a savior

07/12/2017 By Prash S.

Coming into Sydney Criminal Lawyers® was a lifesaving experience I will never forget a team of through professionals and down to earth friendly lawyers. Their Fixed cost charges gave me peace of mind as many other law firms try to milk you. Not them, very ethical. Senior lawyer Ms Alicia Boehm and Senior Lawyer Mr Steve Patrick handled my case as formidable lawyers. I really appreciate and thank Ms Alicia Boehm for her work in the best interest of my case. She showed due respect to my best interest and advised holding no ego and best for client’s approach. I can never ever be able to thank her enough. She is the strategist and knows what is best for her clients. One line “Trust her, she is a savior”

Mr Steve Patrick an Ex Army man, presented my case in the court. An amazing professional and great lawyer. He knew what he was doing, right from the time he stepped in the court. Very swift and confident an officer like approach. He won the case even before the court room opened. With his planned approach to police prosecutor and confident surgical replies to her queries in short time lead to charges being considered to be dropped even before hearing. He advised precise evidence to be produced to win the case. An impossible task done with such calm and swift approach made it look so easy. But trust me it was tricky situation. Mr Patrick had his sight on target at all times. Amazing!!

I was implicated in a false domestic violence and stalking charge. It was a tricky situation, I didn’t know what to do, how to act or what to think I wanted to continue getting good jobs, but I feared that this would be the end of that. He found all the flaws in the evidences and very swiftly convinced his case with right evidence. His presence in the court made all the difference. I believe they were GOD sent to save me from such horrendous people who implicated this false case against me. No section 10 required, charges dropped, AVO without charge. I never wanted to go for section 10 as I had not done anything wrong.

Mr Patrick was very informative throughout the proceedings and kept me informed on what was going around. Which kept court experience a smooth ride for me, my family and friends. With no worries at all. I just don’t know how to thank them enough.

If you want an amazing lawyers team Sydney Criminal Lawyers® is the safest bet. May god bless Mr Steven Patrick and Ms Alicia Boehm happiness and joys in life forever. Thank you…I am short on words cant thank you guys enough.

Will always remember you in my prayers and wish you well.

Thank you!!

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