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We were speechless and ecstatic about the result

30/04/2018 By Tara M.

My partner had more than 10 charges against him, including driving whilst suspended and driving without a supervising driver as he was on his L’s.

He was in Silverwater MRCC for 4 weeks after have already been given bonds and bail conditions stating under no circumstance was he to drive.

He had already been in lock up twice before the detention, spending a night up in Amber Laurel and five nights being shuffled between numerous different lock ups and police stations; therefore on his third appearance in court, we expected remand.

Being 19 and wide-eyed to the reality of his situation, he was not coping being locked up so when Saba Reaze was able to get him out on Section 9 Bonds we were speechless and ecstatic about the result.

Saba triumphed and championed Luke’s cause, to wit; a result that we thought not even possible was achieved.

Section nine bonds meant he was let out on the day of court on the 24th April 2018; it had seemed so far out of the realm of possibility, that it wasn’t even discussed as an option.

I didn’t even know Saba could have achieved this result it is so outstanding, we are beyond grateful, thanks to Saba Reaze and Ali Saleh for their help to Luke.

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