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What you should expect from this great lawyer and great law firm

11/02/2019 By Cameron L.

Would definitely recommend Sydney Criminal Lawyers. Jason was always quick with responses for any question I had at nearly any time of the day. He made it very clear what needed to be done to achieve the best possible outcome and regularly checked up to make sure everything was going okay. It felt like he went to his best efforts to ensure that I was going to come out of court without a conviction, and that’s exactly what happened. Experience, professionalism and reassurance – what you should expect from this great lawyer and great law firm.

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    I ended up getting ‘no conviction’ and I couldn’t be happier

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    I couldn’t have asked for a better result

    Best criminal lawyers in Sydney. I was represented by Tuan Phan and he went above…

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    I received no convictio

    I am most impressed with Fred Cao, whose professional and timely representation today in Sutherland…

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