Client Review

Your advice, negotiations, representations and assistance were invaluable

Dear Mr Nedim

Thank you for the professional legal assistance given from you and your team.

I can see that the advice, negotiations to reduce the seriousness of the charge, representations and assistance were invaluable and priceless for me.

Not only did it make the difference between going to prison or not, but certainly also reduced the period of the good behaviour bond.

I remember the Magistrate specifically mentioning taking into consideration the apology letter, the counselling, not to mention that he had read the character references and the full pre sentence report when deciding my sentence, all of which you advised.

Thank you for your strong presentation in court and professionalism.

Thank you also Ugur for encouraging me and showing empathy and compassion for what I was going through, as well as the hard work, know-how and seriousness you showed for my case.

I appreciate all that you did for me and your attitude of care and concern.

Thanks again and keep up the good work.