Section 12 Companion Animals Act 1998 | Failing to Wear Collar or Tag


Section 12 of the Companion Animals Act 1998 is Failing to Wear Collar or Tag and is extracted below.

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The Legislation

12 Dog to wear collar and tag

(1) A dog must have a collar around its neck and there must be attached to the collar:
(a) a name tag that shows the name of the dog and the address or telephone number of the owner of the dog
(2) The owner of the dog is guilty of an offence if this section is not complied with. Maximum penalty:
(a) 8 penalty units except in the case of a dangerous or restricted dog, or
(b) 50 penalty units in the case of a dangerous or restricted dog.
(3) The regulations may impose requirements in respect of the size, colour and material of a tag for use for the purposes of this section.
(4) This section does not apply to a dog while it is on property of which the owner of the dog is the occupier or to a working dog.