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Section 53 Crimes Act 1900
Furious Driving

The law imposes certain rules and regulations on road users. If you break these laws, you could face serious penalties.

However, with the help of our criminal and traffic law specialists, you can give yourself the best possible defence against the charges and take the first steps towards a brighter future.

You can be charged under section 53 of the Crimes Act 1900 if you cause another person ‘any bodily harm’ (in other words, any physical injury) through furious driving or racing.

‘Furious driving’ refers to situations where you cause a physical injury to another person due to driving in a dangerous or negligent manner – for example, by racing or engaging in some other form of misconduct.

If you are found guilty of this offence, you could face a maximum penalty of 2 years imprisonment.

While this is understandably a harsh penalty, it is important to remember that it is the maximum only, and will therefore only apply in the most serious cases.

With the help of our dedicated criminal defence team, you can fight the charges to avoid these onerous penalties.

The Legislation

Section 53 of the Crimes Act 1900 deals with the offence of ‘Furious Driving’ and reads as follows:

53 Injuries by furious driving etc

Whosoever, being at the time on horseback, or in charge of any carriage or other vehicle, by wanton or furious riding, or driving, or racing, or other misconduct, or by wilful neglect, does or causes to be done to any person any bodily harm, shall be liable to imprisonment for two years.

Why Sydney Criminal Lawyers®?

If you’ve been charged with furious driving, our expert criminal and traffic law specialists can assist you in developing a strong case to fight the charges in court.

As Sydney’s leading criminal and traffic lawyers, we have the knowledge and experience to get the best possible result every time.

Unlike other law firms, who may push you to have the matter dealt with in court, we always endeavour to have issues resolved outside of court to save our clients the time and expense of a defended hearing.

Where the prosecution refuses to drop the charges outside of court, our senior lawyers will support you in court and give you the best possible representation against the charges.

Our lawyers are skilled advocates who have a wealth of experience fighting and winning these types of cases.

We can also help you get the best possible penalty if you wish to plead guilty, by persuading the magistrate to deal with the matter leniently, for example, by way of a good behaviour bond rather than gaol time.

We pride ourselves on our ability to obtain excellent results for our clients, no matter how serious the charges are.

For the best result in your furious driving matter, get our traffic and criminal law experts on your side today by calling (02) 9261 8881 to book your FREE first conference.

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