Crimes Act 1900 (NSW)


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Section 18 Crimes Act | Murder

Section 19A Crimes Act | Penalty for Murder

Section 19B Crimes Act | Murder of Police Officers

Section 20, 21, 22 Crimes Act | Child Murder

Section 22A Crimes Act | Infanticide

Section 23 Crimes Act | Defence to Murder Provocation

Section 23A Crimes Act | Defence to Murder Substantial Impairment

Section 24 Crimes Act | Manslaughter

Section 25A Crimes Act | Assault Causing Death

Section 25B Crimes Act | Assault Causing Death when Intoxicated

Section 25C Crimes Act | Supply of Drugs Causing Death

Section 26 Crimes Act | Conspiracy to Murder

Section 27, 28, 29, 30 Crimes Act | Attempted Murder

Section 31 Crimes Act | Documents Containing Threats

Section 31A, B & C Crimes Act | Suicide

Section 32 Crimes Act | Impeding Endeavours to Escape Shipwreck

Section 33 Crimes Act | Wounding or GBH with Intent

Section 33A Crimes Act | Discharging Firearm with Intent

Section 33B Crimes Act | Use Weapon to Resist Arrest

Section 35 Crimes Act | Reckless Wounding or GBH

Section 35A Crimes Act | Cause Dog to Inflict Harm

Section 37 Crimes Act | Attempt to Choke

Section 38 Crimes Act | Use Intoxicating Substance to Commit Indictable Offence

Section 38A Crimes Act | Drink Spiking

Section 39, 41, 41A Crimes Act | Poisoning

Section 42, 43, 43A, 43B, 44 Crimes Act | Child Neglect

Section 45 Crimes Act | Female Genital Mutilation

Section 45A Crimes Act | Removing Person from State for Female Genital Mutilation

Section 46, 47, 48, 49 Crimes Act | Explosives and Traps

Section 49A Crimes Act | Throwing Rocks at Vehicles

Section 51A Crimes Act | Predatory Driving

Section 51B Crimes Act | Police Pursuits ‘Skye’s Law’

Section 52A Crimes Act | Dangerous Driving

Section 52AA Crimes Act | Dangerous Driving: Procedural Matters

Section 52AB Crimes Act | Failing to Stop

Section 52B Crimes Act | Dangerous Navigation

Section 52BA Crimes Act | Dangerous Navigation: Procedural Matters

Section 53 Crimes Act | Furious Driving

Section 54 Crimes Act | Cause Grievous Bodily Harm

Section 55 Crimes Act | Possess Explosives with Intent

Section 56 Crimes Act | Obstructing Member of the Clergy in Discharge of His or Her Duties

Section 57 Crimes Act | Assault on Persons Preserving Wreck

Section 58 Crimes Act | Assault on Officers

Section 59 Crimes Act | Assault Occasioning ABH

Section 59A Crimes Act | Assault During Public Disorder

Section 60 Crimes Act | Assault Police

Section 60A Crimes Act | Assault Law Enforcement Officers

Section 60AA Crimes Act | Meaning of “law enforcement officer”

Section 60B Crimes Act | Assaults Against Officers Families

Section 60C Crimes Act | Obtaining Personal Information of Police

Section 60D Crimes Act | Definitions

Section 60E Crimes Act | Assaults at Schools

Section 61 Crimes Act | Common Assault

Section 61AA Crimes Act | Defence of Lawful Correction

Section 61H Crimes Act | Definitions

Section 61HA Crimes Act | Meaning of “Sexual Intercourse”

Section 61HB Crimes Act | Meaning of “Sexual Touching”

Section 61HC Crimes Act | Meaning of “Sexual Act”

Section 61HD Crimes Act | Meaning of “Cognitive Impairment”

Section 61HE Crimes Act | Consent in Relation to Sexual Offences

Section 61I-K Crimes Act | Sexual Assault

Section 61KC Crimes Act | Sexual Touching

Section 61KD Crimes Act | Aggravated Sexual Touching

Section 61KE Crimes Act | Sexual Act

Section 61KF Crimes Act | Aggravated Sexual Act

Section 66A Crimes Act | Sexual Intercourse Child Under 10

Section 66B Crimes Act | Attempting, or Assaulting with Intent, to Have Sexual Intercourse with Child Under 10

Section 66C Crimes Act | Sexual Intercourse Child Between 10 and 16

Section 66D Crimes Act | Assault with Intent to have Sexual Intercourse Child between 10 and 16

Section 66DA Crimes Act | Sexual Touching Child Under 10

Section 66DB Crimes Act | Sexual Touching Child Between 10 and 16

Section 66DC Crimes Act | Sexual Act Child Under 10

Section 66DD Crimes Act | Sexual Act Child Between 10 and 16

Section 66DE Crimes Act | Aggravated Sexual Act Child Between 10 and 16

Section 66DF Crimes Act | Sexual Act for Production of Child Abuse Material Child Under 16

Section 66EA Crimes Act | Persistent Sexual Abuse of a Child

Section 66EB Crimes Act | Procuring or Grooming Child Under 16 for Unlawful Sexual Activity

Section 66EC Crimes Act | Grooming a Person For Unlawful Sexual Activity With a Child Under The Person’s Authority

Section 66F Crimes Act | Sexual Offences Cognitive Impairment

Section 72B Crimes Act | Definitions

Section 73 Crimes Act | Sexual Intercourse Young Person Between 16 and 18 Under Special Care

Section 73A Crimes Act | Sexual Touching Young Person Between 16 and 18 Under Special Care

Section 78A Crimes Act | Incest

Section 78B Crimes Act | Incest Attempts

Section 78C Crimes Act | Defences

Section 78F Crimes Act | Sanction of Attorney-General

Section 79 & 80 Crimes Act | Bestiality

Section 80A Crimes Act | Sexual Assault By Forced Self Manipulation

Section 80AA Crimes Act | Referral to Child Protection Agency

Section 80AB Crimes Act | Alternative Verdicts

Section 80AC Crimes Act | Offenders Who Are Minors

Section 80AD Crimes Act | Common Law Offences of Rape and Attempted Rape Abolished

Section 80AE Crimes Act | Consent No Defence In Certain Cases

Section 80AF Crimes Act | Uncertainty About Time When Sexual Offence Against Child Occurred

Section 80AG Crimes Act | Defence of Similar Age

Section 80B-E Crimes Act | Sexual Servitude

Section 80F Crimes Act | Alternative Verdicts

Section 80G Crimes Act | Incitement to Commit Sexual Offence

Section 81C Crimes Act | Interfering with Corpses

Section 82, 83 Crimes Act | Abortion

Section 84 Crimes Act | Procuring Miscarriage

Section 85 Crimes Act | Concealing Birth

Section 86 Crimes Act | Kidnapping

Section 87 Crimes Act | Child Abduction

Section 91A Crimes Act | Procuring for Prostitution

Section 91B Crimes Act | Procuring Person by Drugs

Section 91C Crimes Act | Definition Child Prostitution

Section 91D Crimes Act | Promoting or Engaging in Child Prostitution

Section 91E Crimes Act | Obtaining Benefit from Child Prostitution

Section 91F Crimes Act | Using Premises for Child Prostitution

Section 91FA Crimes Act | Definitions

Section 91FB Crimes Act | Definition of Child Abuse Material

Section 91G Crimes Act | Use Child to Produce Child Abuse Material

Section 91H Crimes Act | Produce, Disseminate, Possess Child Abuse Material

Section 91HA Crimes Act | Defences

Section 91HAA Crimes Act | Exception

Section 91I Crimes Act | Definitions

Section 91J Crimes Act | Voyeurism

Section 91K Crimes Act | Filming Person Engaged in Private Act

Section 91L Crimes Act | Filming Person’s Private Parts

Section 91M Crimes Act | Installing Device to Film

Section 91N Crimes Act | Definitions

Section 91O Crimes Act | Meaning of Consent in Intimate Image Offences

Section 91P Crimes Act | Record intimate image without consent

Section 91Q Crimes Act |Distribute intimate image without consent

Section 91R Crimes Act | Threaten to record or distribute intimate image

Section 91S Crimes Act | Court May Order Rectification

Section 91T Crimes Act | Exceptions

Section 92 Crimes Act | Bigamy

Section 93 Crimes Act | Participator in Bigamy

Section 93A Crimes Act | Definition

Section 93B Crimes Act | Riot

Section 93C Crimes Act | Affray

Section 93D Crimes Act | Mental Element Under Sections 93B and 93C

Section 93F Crimes Act | Interpretation

Section 93FA Crimes Act | Possession, Supply or Making Explosives

Section 93FB Crimes Act | Possession of Dangerous Articles

Section 93G Crimes Act | Causing Danger with Firearm or Spear Gun

Section 93GA Crimes Act | Firing at Houses or Buildings

Section 93H Crimes Act | Trespassing or Dangerous Use of Firearm or Spear Gun

Section 93I Crimes Act | Possession of Unregistered Firearm

Section 93J Crimes Act | Definitions of “Contaminate” and “Goods”

Section 93K Crimes Act | Contaminating Goods

Section 93L Crimes Act | Threatening to Contaminate Goods

Section 93M Crimes Act | Making False Statements Concerning Contamination

Section 93N & 93O Crimes Act | Aggravated Contamination

Section 93P Crimes Act | Special Provisions Relating to Geographical Application of This Division

Section 93Q Crimes Act | False Information that Person in Danger

Section 93R Crimes Act | Sending Article to Cause Alarm

Section 93S Crimes Act | Definitions

Section 93T Crimes Act | Participate in Criminal Group

Section 93TA Crimes Act | Receiving Benefit from Criminal Activity

Section 93U Crimes Act | Alternative Verdicts

Section 93V Crimes Act | Unlawful Gambling Operation

Section 93W Crimes Act | Definitions

Section 93X Crimes Act | Consorting

Section 93Y Crimes Act | Defence

Section 93Z Crimes Act | Publicly Threatening or Inciting Violence on Grounds of Race, Religion, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity or Intersex or HIV/AIDS Status

Section 94 Crimes Act | Robbery

Section 94AA Crimes Act | Property Previously Stolen

Section 95 Crimes Act | Aggravated Robbery

Section 96 Crimes Act | Aggravated Robbery with Wounding

Section 97 Crimes Act | Robbery in Company

Section 98 Crimes Act | Robbery with Arms and Wounding

Section 99 Crimes Act | Demanding Property with Intent to Steal

Section 105A Crimes Act | Definitions

Section 109 Crimes Act | Break Enter with Intent to Commit Indictable Offence

Section 110 Crimes Act | Break Enter and Assault with Intent to Murder

Section 111 Crimes Act | Enter Dwelling House

Section 112 Crimes Act | Break Enter Commit Serious Indictable Offence

Section 113 Crimes Act | Break Enter with Intent to Commit Serious Indictable

Section 114 Crimes Act | Armed with Intent

Section 115 Crimes Act | Convicted Offender Armed with Intent

Section 115A Crimes Act | Alternative Verdicts

Section 116 Crimes Act | All Larcenies to be of Same Nature

Section 117 Crimes Act | Larceny

Section 118 Crimes Act | Intent to Return Property No Defence

Section 119 Crimes Act | Verdict Where Several Takings Proved

Section 120 Crimes Act | Trial for Larceny Verdict of Embezzlement etc

Section 121 Crimes Act | Verdict of “Larceny or Receiving”

Section 122 Crimes Act | Verdict where Persons Indicted for Joint Larceny or Receiving

Section 123 Crimes Act | Verdict of Minor Indictable Offence

Section 124 Crimes Act | Fraudulent Appropriation

Section 125 Crimes Act | Larceny as Bailee

Section 126 Crimes Act | Stealing Cattle or Killing with Intent to Steal

Section 127 Crimes Act | Stealing or Killing Cattle Uncertainty as to Sex or Age not to Entitle to Acquittal

Section 128 Crimes Act | Trial for Stealing Cattle Verdict of Stealing Skins

Section 129 Crimes Act | Trial for Killing Cattle Verdict of Stealing

Section 130 Crimes Act | Trial for Stealing Cattle Verdict of Misdemeanour

Section 131 Crimes Act | Unlawful Use of Cattle

Section 132 Crimes Act | Stealing Dogs

Section 133 Crimes Act | Taking Money to Restore Dogs

Section 134 Crimes Act | Stealing Destroying Valuable Security

Section 135 Crimes Act | Stealing Destroying Wills

Section 136 Crimes Act | Provision to Sections 134 and 135

Section 137 Crimes Act | Civil Remedies not Affected by Conviction

Section 138 Crimes Act | Stealing Destroying Records of Court or Public Office

Section 139 Crimes Act | Stealing Metal Glass Wood Fixed to House

Section 140 Crimes Act | Stealing Trees

Section 148 & Section 149 Crimes Act | Stealing Property in Dwelling House

Section 150 Crimes Act | Stealing Goods in Process of Manufacture

Section 151 Crimes Act | Selling Materials for Manufacture

Section 152 Crimes Act | Stealing from Ship in Port

Section 153 Crimes Act | Stealing from Ship in Distress

Section 154 Crimes Act | Stealing by Tenant

Section 154A Crimes Act | Taking Conveyance Without Consent

Section 154B Crimes Act | Stealing Aircraft

Section 154C Crimes Act | Taking Motor Vehicle with Assault

Section 154D Crimes Act | Stealing Firearms

Section 154E Crimes Act | Definitions

Section 154F Crimes Act | Stealing Motor Vehicle or Vessel

Section 154G Crimes Act | Car or Boat Rebirthing

Section 154H Crimes Act | Making Using Interfering with Unique Identifiers

Section 154I Crimes Act | Dishonestly Possessing Rebirthed Vehicle

Section 154J Possession of Vehicle Identification Plate not Attached to Motor Vehicle

Section 155 Crimes Act | Definition of Clerk or Servant

Section 156 Crimes Act | Larceny by Clerk or Servant

Section 157 Crimes Act | Embezzlement

Section 159 Crimes Act | Larceny by Public Servant

Section 160 Crimes Act | Embezzlement by Public Servant

Section 161 Crimes Act | Proof of General Deficiency in Accounts

Section 162 Crimes Act | Larceny by Joint Owner

Section 163 Crimes Act | Trial for Embezzlement Verdict of Larceny

Section 187 Crimes Act | Term “Stealing” in Sections 188 and 189

Section 188 Crimes Act | Receiving Stolen Property Serious Offence

Section 189 Crimes Act | Receiving Stolen Property Minor Offence

Section 189A Crimes Act | Receiving Good Stolen Outside NSW

Section 189B Crimes Act | Prosecution Under Section 188 or 189 Where Property Stolen in Course of Transmission

Section 190 Crimes Act | Receiving Unlawfully Killed Animal

Section 191 Crimes Act | Uncertainty as to Sex or Age Not to Entitle to Acquittal

Section 192 Crimes Act | Receiving Goods for Manufacture

Section 192A Crimes Act | Verdict Where Several Persons are Indicted for Jointly Receiving

Section 192B Crimes Act | Deception

Section 192C Crimes Act | Obtaining Property Belonging to Another

Section 192D Crimes Act | Obtaining Financial Advantage or Causing Financial Disadvantage

Section 192E Crimes Act | Fraud

Section 192F Crimes Act | Intention to Defraud by Destroying Accounts

Section 192G Crimes Act | Intention to Defraud by False or Misleading Statement

Section 192H Crimes Act | Intention to Deceive

Section 192I Crimes Act | Definitions

Section 192J Crimes Act | Dealing with Identification Information

Section 192K Crimes Act | Possession of Identification Information

Section 192L Crimes Act | Possessing Equipment to Produce Identification Information

Section 192M Crimes Act | Miscellaneous Provisions

Section 193A Crimes Act | Definitions

Section 193B Crimes Act | Money Laundering

Section 193C Crimes Act | Proceeds of Crime

Section 193D Crimes Act | Deal with Property that Becomes Instrument of Crime

Section 193E Crimes Act | Alternative Verdicts

Section 193F Crimes Act | Proof of Other Offences Not Required

Section 193FA Crimes Act | Combining Several Contraventions In a Single Charge

Section 193G Crimes Act | Transitional Provision

Section 193H Crimes Act | Corrupting Betting Outcome of Event

Section 193I Crimes Act | Betting

Section 193J Crimes Act | Events and Event Contingencies

Section 193K Crimes Act | Obtaining Financial Advantage or Causing Financial Disadvantage

Section 193L Crimes Act | Proof of Intention to Obtain Financial Advantage or Cause Financial Disadvantage

Section 193M Crimes Act | Encourage

Section 193N Crimes Act | Engage in Conduct that Corrupts Betting Outcome of Event

Section 193O Crimes Act | Facilitate Conduct that Corrupts Betting Outcome of Event

Section 193P Crimes Act | Concealing Conduct or Agreement About Conduct that Corrupts Betting Outcome of Event

Section 193Q Crimes Act | Use of Corrupt Conduct Information or Inside Information for Betting Purposes

Section 194 Crimes Act | Interpretation

Section 195 Crimes Act | Destroying or Damaging Property

Section 196 Crimes Act | Destroying or Damaging Property with Intent

Section 197 Crimes Act | Dishonestly Destroying or Damaging Property

Section 198 Crimes Act | Destroying or Damaging Property with Intent

Section 199 Crimes Act | Threatening to Destroy or Damage Property

Section 200 Crimes Act | Possessing Explosive to Destroy Property

Section 201 Crimes Act | Interfering with Mine

Section 202 Crimes Act | Causing Damage to Sea River Canal

Section 203A Crimes Act | Definitions

Section 203B Crimes Act | Sabotage

Section 203C Crimes Act | Threaten Sabotage

Section 203D Crimes Act | Definitions

Section 203E Crimes Act | Causing Bushfire

Section 204 Crimes Act | Destruction of Aircraft or Vessel with Intent

Section 205 Crimes Act | Prejudicing Safe Operation of Aircraft or Vessel

Section 206 Crimes Act | Assaulting Crew Member

Section 207 Crimes Act | Placing Dangerous Articles on Aircraft

Section 208 Crimes Act | Threatening to Destroy Aircraft Vessel Vehicle

Section 209 Crimes Act | False Information to Prejudice Safety

Section 210 Crimes Act | Destroying or Damaging Aid to Navigation

Section 211 Crimes Act | Criminal Acts to Railways

Section 212 Crimes Act | Endangering Passengers on Railway

Section 213 Crimes Act | Obstructing Railway

Section 214 Crimes Act | Obstructing a Railway Verdict of Misdemeanour

Section 249A Crimes Act | Definitions

Section 249B Crimes Act | Corrupt Commissions or Rewards

Section 249C Crimes Act | Misleading Documents or Statements

Section 249D Crimes Act | Corrupt Inducements for Advice

Section 249E Crimes Act | Corrupt Benefits for Trustees

Section 249F Crimes Act | Aiding Abetting Corruption

Section 249G Crimes Act | Repayment of Value of Gift etc

Section 249H Crimes Act | Disqualification for Office

Section 249I Crimes Act | Dismissal of Trivial Case

Section 249J Crimes Act | Custom not a Defence

Section 249K Crimes Act | Blackmail

Section 249L Crimes Act | Unwarranted Demands Meaning

Section 249M Crimes Act | Menaces Meaning

Section 249N Crimes Act | Obtaining Gain or Causing Loss Meaning

Section 249O Crimes Act | Public Duty Meaning

Section 250 Crimes Act | False Document Meaning

Section 251 Crimes Act | Inducing Acceptance of False Document

Section 252 Crimes Act | Interpretative Provisions Relating to Obtaining Property, Financial Advantage and Financial Disadvantage

Section 253 Crimes Act | Forgery

Section 254 Crimes Act | Using False Document

Section 255 Crimes Act | Possessing False Document

Section 256 Crimes Act | Forgery Equipment

Section 307A Crimes Act | False or Misleading Applications

Section 307B Crimes Act | False or Misleading Information

Section 307C Crimes Act | False or Misleading Documents

Section 308 Crimes Act | General Definitions

Section 308A Crimes Act | Meaning of Access to Data, Modification of Data and Impairment of Electronic Communication

Section 308B Crimes Act | Meaning of Unauthorised Access, Modification or Impairment

Section 308C Crimes Act | Unauthorised Computer Function with Intent

Section 308D Crimes Act | Unauthorised Modification of Data with Intent

Section 308E Crimes Act | Unauthorised Impairment of Electronic Communication

Section 308F Crimes Act | Possession of Data with Intent

Section 308G Crimes Act | Produce Supply Obtain Data with Intent

Section 308H Crimes Act | Unauthorised Access to Restricted Data

Section 308I Crimes Act | Unauthorised Impairment of Data

Section 310A Crimes Act | Definitions

Section 310B Crimes Act | Rescuing Inmate

Section 310C Crimes Act | Aiding Escape

Section 310D Crimes Act | Escaping

Section 310E Crimes Act | Tunnels to Facilitate Escape

Section 310F Crimes Act | Permitting Escape

Section 310G | Crimes Act | Harbouring Escapee

Section 310H Crimes Act | Application of Part

Section 310I Crimes Act | Definitions

Section 310J Crimes Act | Membership of Terrorist Organisation

Section 310K Crimes Act | Multiplicity of Offences

Section 311 Crimes Act | Definitions

Section 312 Crimes Act | Meaning of “Pervert the Course of Justice”

Section 313 Crimes Act | Knowledge About Type of Offence is Unnecessary

Section 314 Crimes Act | False Accusations

Section 315 Crimes Act | Hindering Investigation

Section 315A Crimes Act | Threatening or Intimidating Victims or Witnesses

Section 316 Crimes Act | Concealing Serious Indictable Offence

Section 316A Crimes Act | Concealing Child Abuse Offence

Section 317 Crimes Act | Tampering with Evidence

Section 318 Crimes Act | False Instrument to Pervert Course of Justice

Section 319 Crimes Act | Perverting Course of Justice

Section 320 Crimes Act | Extended Meaning of “Giving Evidence”

Section 321 Crimes Act | Corruption of Witnesses or Jurors

Section 322 Crimes Act | Threatening Judges Witnesses Jurors

Section 323 Crimes Act | Influencing Witnesses or Jurors

Section 324 Crimes Act | Increased Penalty if Serious Indictable Offence Involved

Section 325 Crimes Act | Preventing Witness or Juror from Attending Court

Section 326 Crimes Act | Reprisals Against Judges Witnesses Jurors

Section 327 Crimes Act | Perjury

Section 328 Crimes Act | Perjury with Intent

Section 329 Crimes Act | Conviction for False Swearing on Indictment for Perjury

Section 330 Crimes Act | False Statement on Oath Not Amounting to Perjury

Section 331 Crimes Act | Contradictory Statements on Oath

Section 332 Crimes Act | Certain Technical Defects Provided for

Section 333 Crimes Act | Subornation of Perjury

Section 334 Crimes Act | General Provisions Applicable to Perjury and False Statement Offences

Section 335 Crimes Act | False Statement in Evidence on Commission

Section 336 Crimes Act | False Entry on Public Register

Section 337 Crimes Act | False Instruments Issued by Public Officers

Section 338 Crimes Act | Restrictions on Prosecutions for Perjury

Section 339 Crimes Act | Application of Division to Perjury Under Other Acts

Section 340 Crimes Act | Extent of Abolition of Offences

Section 341 Crimes Act | Certain Common Law Offences Abolished

Section 342 Crimes Act | Certain Conspiracy Offences Not Affected

Section 343 Crimes Act | Certain Common Law Offences Not Abolished

Section 343A Crimes Act | Saving of Other Punishments

Section 344A Crimes Act | Attempts

Section 345 Crimes Act | Principals in the Second Degree How Tried and Punished

Section 346 Crimes Act | Accessories Before the Fact How Tried and Punished

Section 347 Crimes Act | Accessories After the Fact How Tried and Punished

Section 347A Crimes Act | Wife May Be Accessory After Fact to Husband’s Felony

Section 348 Crimes Act | Punishment of Accessories After The Fact to Certain Treason-Related Offences

Section 349 Crimes Act | Punishment of Accessories After the Fact to Murder etc

Section 350 Crimes Act | Punishment of Accessories After the Fact to Other Serious Indictable Offences

Section 351 Crimes Act | Trial and Punishment of Abettors of Minor Indictable Offences

Section 351A Crimes Act | Recruiting Persons for Criminal Activity

Section 351B Crimes Act | Aiders and Abettors Punishable as Principals

Section 417 Crimes Act | Proof of Lawful Authority or Excuse

Section 417A Crimes Act | Proof of Exceptions

Section 418 Crimes Act | Self-Defence when Available

Section 419 Crimes Act | Self-Defence Onus of Proof

Section 420 Crimes Act | Self-Defence Not Available if Death Inflicted to Protect Property or Trespass to Property

Section 421 Crimes Act | Self-Defence Excessive Force that Inflicts Death

Section 422 Crimes Act | Self-Defence Response to Lawful Conduct

Section 423 Crimes Act | Offences to Which Division Applies

Section 428A Crimes Act | Definitions

Section 428B Crimes Act | Offences of Specific Intent to Which Part Applies

Section 428C Crimes Act | Intoxication in Relation to Offences of Specific Intent

Section 428D Crimes Act | Intoxication in Relation to Other Offences

Section 428E Crimes Act | Intoxication in Relation to Murder, Manslaughter and Assault Causing Death

Section 428F Crimes Act | Intoxication in Relation to the Reasonable Person Test

Section 428G Crimes Act | Intoxication and the Actus Reus of an Offence

Section 428H Crimes Act | Abolition of Common Law Relating to Self-Induced Intoxication

Section 428I Crimes Act | Application of Part

Section 431 Crimes Act | Convicted Persons Not to be Liable to Death Penalty

Section 431A Crimes Act | Life Sentences

Section 475A Crimes Act | Offences Punishable Summarily

Section 475B Crimes Act | Election for Summary Trial

Section 502 Crimes Act | Possess Skin of Stolen Cattle

Section 503 Crimes Act | Stealing Dogs

Section 504 Crimes Act | Possessing Stolen Dog

Section 505 & 506 Crimes Act | Stealing Domestic Animal

Section 507 & 508 Crimes Act | Possess Stolen Animal

Section 509 Crimes Act | Restoration of Such Stolen Animals etc

Section 510 Crimes Act | Setting Engine for Deer

Section 512 Crimes Act | Taking Fish

Section 513 Crimes Act | Stealing Shrubs

Section 515 Crimes Act | Stealing etc Live or Dead Fence etc

Section 517 Crimes Act | Unlawful Possession of Trees or Fences

Section 518 Crimes Act | Stealing Dead Wood

Section 520 Crimes Act | Stealing Plants in Gardens

Section 521 Crimes Act | Stealing Plants not in Gardens

Section 521A Crimes Act | Stealing Rock or Stone

Section 522 Crimes Act | Possess Shipwrecked Goods

Section 523 Crimes Act | Offering Shipwrecked Goods for Sale

Section 524 Crimes Act | Seizure of Such Goods

Section 525 Crimes Act | Stealing Books

Section 526 Crimes Act | Term “Public Library”

Section 527C Crimes Act | Goods in Custody

Section 529 Crimes Act | Criminal Defamation

Section 530 Crimes Act | Serious Animal Cruelty

Section 531 Crimes Act | Law Enforcement Animals

Section 545B Crimes Act | Intimidation by Violence

Section 545C Crimes Act | Unlawful Assembly

Section 546 Crimes Act | Abetting or Procuring

Section 546B Crimes Act | Convicted Person with Intent

Section 546C Crimes Act | Resisting Arrest

Section 546D Crimes Act | Impersonating Police

Section 547B Crimes Act | Public Mischief

Section 547C Crimes Act | Peeping or Prying

Section 547D Crimes Act | Arrest Person Carrying Razor

Section 556 Crimes Act | Summary Conviction a Bar to Further Proceedings

Section 574 Crimes Act | Prosecutions for Blasphemy

Section 574B Crimes Act | Prevention of Suicide

Section 578A Crimes Act | Prohibition of Publication Identifying Victims of Certain Sexual Offences

Section 578C Crimes Act | Publishing Indecent Articles

Section 578E Crimes Act | Advertising or Displaying Sexual Behaviour

Section 579 Crimes Act | Evidence of Proceedings Dealt With By Way of Recognizance After 15 Years

Section 580 Crimes Act | Certain Charges Not to be Brought at Common Law

Section 580A Crimes Act | Abolition of Offence of Being a Common Nightwalker

Section 580B Crimes Act | Abolition of Offences of Eavesdropping and Being a Common Scold

Section 580C Crimes Act | Abolition of Common Law Offences Relating to Brothels

Section 580D Crimes Act | Abolition of Rule That Husband and Wife Cannot Be Guilty of Conspiracy

Section 580E Crimes Act | Abolition of Distinction Between Felony and Misdemeanour

Section 580F Crimes Act | Abolition of Penal Servitude

Section 580G Crimes Act | Abolition of Imprisonment With Light or Hard Labour

Section 580H Crimes Act | Abolition of Common Law Offences and Rules

Section 581 Crimes Act | Savings and Transitional Provisions

Section 582 Crimes Act | Regulations