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Section 51B Crimes Act 1900
Police Pursuits (‘Skye’s Law’)

Section 51B is a relatively new amendment to the Crimes Act 1900, which created the offence of ‘police pursuits.’

This offence is often referred to as ‘Skye’s Law,’ named after 19 month old Skye Sassine, who was tragically killed on New Years’ Eve 2009 when two alleged robbers crashed into the car that she was travelling in during a police chase.

Section 51B now says that you can be charged with evading a ‘police pursuit’ if the prosecution proves that:

  • You were driving a vehicle;
  • You knew, or should have known that you were being followed by police, and you knew or should have known that you were required to stop;
  • You did not stop as requested;
  • You then proceeded to drive recklessly or at a dangerous speed.

If you’re found guilty of evading a police pursuit, you could face a maximum penalty of 3 years imprisonment, however this is the absolute maximum and will only apply in the most serious cases.

The Legislation

Section 51B of the Crimes Act is the offence of “Police Pursuits (‘Skye’s Law’)” and reads as follows:

51B Police pursuits

(1) The driver of a vehicle:

(a) who knows, ought reasonably to know or has reasonable grounds to suspect that police officers are in pursuit of the vehicle and that the driver is required to stop the vehicle, and

(b) who does not stop the vehicle, and

(c) who then drives the vehicle recklessly or at a speed or in a manner dangerous to others,
is guilty of an offence.

Maximum penalty:

(a) in the case of a first offence–imprisonment for 3 years, or

(b) in the case of an offence on a second or subsequent occasion–imprisonment for 5 years.

(2) In this section, “vehicle” has the same meaning as it has in section 52A.

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Even if you are willing to accept the charges and plead guilty, we will fight to ensure that you avoid unduly harsh penalties and get the best possible result in your police pursuit case.

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