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Section 138 Crimes Act 1900
Stealing Destroying Records of Court or Public Office

Section 138 of the Crimes Act is the offence of Stealing Destroying Records of Court or Public Office and is extracted below.

If you are Charged with Stealing Destroying Records of Court or Public Office and require Expert Legal Advice from an Experienced Criminal Defence Lawyer, call Sydney Criminal Lawyers® today on (02) 9261 8881 to arrange a Free First Conference.

If you wish to plead ‘not guilty’, our Senior Criminal Lawyers will fight hard to prove your innocence in court.

If you wish to plead ‘guilty’, we will use our vast experience to get you the best possible result in the circumstances, including ‘section 10 dismissals or conditional release orders’ where possible (no criminal record / conviction).

Our Results are consistently far better than those achieved by other criminal law firms.

The Legislation

Section 138 of the Crimes Act 1900 deals with the offence of ‘Stealing Destroying Records of Court or Public Office’ and reads as follows:

138 Stealing, destroying etc records etc of any court or public office

Whosoever steals, or for any fraudulent purpose, takes from its place of deposit, for the time being, or from any person having the lawful custody thereof, or unlawfully and intentionally or recklessly cancels, obliterates, injures, or destroys, the whole or any part, of any record, document, or writing, of, or belonging to, any Court, or relating to any matter or cause, civil or criminal, pending, or terminated, in any Court, or relating to the business of any office or employment under Her Majesty, and being in any public office, shall be liable to imprisonment for seven years.

Why Sydney Criminal Lawyers®?

Having a criminal record for larceny can have a negative impact on your life and future, making it difficult to secure employment and travel overseas.

However, you can avoid these potential consequences by enlisting the help of a specialist criminal lawyer who has considerable experience fighting larceny matters.

Our lawyers have a wealth of experience fighting a wide range of larceny matters and frequently obtain outstanding results in these cases.

Our in-depth knowledge of larceny law, coupled with our lawyers’ expert advocacy skills, allows us to secure unparalleled results every time.

We always seek to have charges dropped at an early stage by meticulously examining all the evidence to identify problems with the prosecution case.

By raising these issues early on, we can seek to have the charges dropped – leaving our clients free to get on with their lives as soon as possible.

Where your matter proceeds to court, our lawyers will go the extra mile in obtaining all relevant evidence and witness statements to support your case.

Our fearless advocates will examine all relevant witnesses in a strategic manner and will present your side of the story in the most compelling manner.

Alternatively, where you simply want to plead guilty to the charges, we will prepare persuasive sentencing submissions which emphasise the need for a lenient penalty.

Our dedication and hard work in these matters allows us to obtain unparalleled results every time.

For the best result in your ‘stealing destroying records of court or public office’ case, get our criminal law experts on your side.

Call us today on (02) 9261 8881 and book your FREE first conference to discuss your matter with our criminal law specialists.

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