Section 72.14 Criminal Code Act | Manufacturing Unmarked Plastic Explosives


Section 72.14 of the Criminal Code Act 1995 (Cth) is Manufacturing Unmarked Plastic Explosives and is extracted below.

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The Legislation

72.14  Manufacturing unmarked plastic explosives etc.

(1)  A person commits an offence if:

(a)  the person:

(i)  engages in the manufacture of a substance; or

(ii)  exercises control or direction over the manufacture of a substance; and

(b)  the substance is a plastic explosive; and

(c)  the plastic explosive breaches the first marking requirement; and

(d)  the manufacture is not authorised under section 72.18 or 72.21.

Penalty:  Imprisonment for 10 years.

(2)  The fault element for paragraph (1)(b) is recklessness.

(3)  Strict liability applies to paragraphs (1)(c) and (d).

Note 1:       For the marking requirements, see section 72.33.

Note 2:       For defences, see section 72.16.