Section 132 Liquor Act 2007 | Eligible Parties to Local Liquor Accord


Section 132 of the Liquor Act 2007 (NSW) is concerned with Eligible Parties to Local Liquor Accord and is set out below.

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The Legislation

132 Eligible parties to local liquor accord

Each of the following bodies or persons may be a party to a local liquor accord and is, for the purposes of this Division, an “eligible party”:

(a) a licensee,
(b) the Director-General,
(c) the NSW Police Force (to be represented by a police officer nominated by the Commissioner of Police),
(d) a local council,
(e) any body or organisation (such as a Chamber of Commerce) representing commercial or business interests in the relevant local area,
(f) a community or residents’ group with an interest in alcohol-related harm or the amenity of the relevant local area,
(g) any other person or body (or person or body belonging to a class of persons or bodies) prescribed by the regulations.