Section 21D Summary Offences Act – Minors in Sex Clubs


Section 21D of the Summary Offences Act 1998 (NSW) is the criminal offence of Minors in Sex Clubs and is stated below.

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The Legislation

21D Minors not permitted in declared sex clubs

(1) A person engaged in the operation of a declared sex club must not permit a minor to enter or remain in the club. Maximum penalty: 20 penalty units.

(2) A person is engaged in the operation of a declared sex club if:
(a) the person is the manager of the club, or
(b) the person is employed to carry out duties in the club, or
(c) the person is entitled to any of the proceeds of the operation of the club or is otherwise concerned in the management of the club.

(3) It is a defence to a prosecution for an offence under subsection (1) if it is proved that:
(a) the person charged believed on reasonable grounds that the minor was of or above the age of 18 years, or
(b) the person charged had no knowledge that the minor was in the club and could not, by the exercise of due diligence, have prevented the minor from being in the club.