Section 11D Summary Offences Act – Parents Who Allow Children to Carry Knives


Section 11D of the Summary Offences Act 1998 (NSW) is the criminal offence of Parents Who Allow Children to Carry Knives and is stated below.

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The Legislation

11D Parents who allow children to carry knives

(1) The parent of a child, being a child:
(a) who is under the age of 18 years, and
(b) who commits an offence against section 11C,
is guilty of an offence if the parent knowingly authorised or permitted the child to commit the offence. Maximum penalty: 5 penalty units.

(2) The parent of a child may be proceeded against and dealt with under this section whether or not the child has been proceeded against or dealt with under section 11C.

(3) Nothing in this section affects the liability of the parent’s child for an offence committed by the child against section 11C.

(4) If an act or omission constitutes an offence:
(a) under this section, and
(b) under section 11 of the Children (Protection and Parental Responsibility) Act 1997,
the offender is not liable to be punished twice in respect of the act or omission.

(5) In this section, “parent” of a child has the same meaning it has in the Children (Protection and Parental Responsibility) Act 1997.