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Ugur Nedim

Ugur Nedim is an Accredited Criminal Law Specialist with 25 years of experience as a Criminal Defence Lawyer. He is the Principal of Sydney Criminal Lawyers®.

The Offence of Reckless Foreign Interference in Australia

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A Sydney businessman accused of unlawfully selling information to Chinese spies has vehemently denied the allegations and is vowing to defend the charges. 55-year old Bondi marketing director, Alexander Csergo, was charged earlier this year with one count of reckless...

‘Stealthing’ Amounts to Sexual Assault in New South Wales

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Perhaps needless to say, it is not a crime to have unprotected sexual intercourse with a consenting partner – provided of course they have reached the age of consent, have the mental capacity to provide consent and have in fact...

Sextortion Laws In Australia

There have been a rise of  attempts in Australia of ‘sexual extortion’, abbreviated to ‘sextortion’, with social media sites being used to target and blackmail victims, many of whom are young men concerned about compromising images being distributed to friend,...

Court Suppresses Name of NSW Police Inspector Charged with High-Range Drink Driving

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A New South Wales Local Court Magistrate has granted a suppression order in favour of a high-ranking police officer who is alleged to have driven his police-issued vehicle while driving with a high-range prescribed concentration of alcohol, collided into a...

Changing a Criminal Plea from Guilty to Not Guilty: The ‘Interests of Justice’ Test

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In December 1988, American mathematician Scott Johnson’s body was found lying at the base of a cliff at north Headland on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. In 2017, a coronial inquest concluded that his death was caused by actual or threatened violence...

How Much Will My Sentence Be Reduced If I Plead Guilty?

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A 64-year old man facing 23 allegations of historical child sexual offences, including having sexual intercourse with a person under the age of 16-years, has changed his plea from not guilty to guilty just hours after his trial started. The...

The Offence of Causing Danger with a Firearm in New South Wales

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A Sydney-based police officer has been handed a criminal conviction and placed on a good behaviour bond after pointing a loaded pistol at a junior colleague and threatening “I’ll shoot you”. 30-year old Constable Dominic Gaynor pointed his police-issued Glock...

Food Delivery Riders Face Fines for Not Wearing High-Visibility Vests

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It seems that as each year goes by, more and more rules come into effect regulating our everyday lives, ostensibly for our own protection but increasingly making it harder to go about our business without finding ourselves in the wrong...

Can Good Character References Be Used During Sentencing Proceedings for Child Sex Offences?

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Two young men are on a campaign to prohibit those who plead guilty or are found guilty of child sexual offences from using good character references during their sentencing hearings, which is the time when the magistrate or judge decides...

Predatory Driving in New South Wales: Law, Defences and Penalties

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A New South Wales man has been arrested and charged with several criminal and major traffic offences after allegedly ramming a police car while attempting to avoid arrest over suspicions of sexually touching another person without consent. Police say they...
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