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I think we won the jackpot when we came across your firm

23/12/2015 By D. V. and G. V.

Thank you all for a great effort and believing in us.

It is a big learning curve for us but without your collective help, we could have ended up being very disillusioned about the whole police and legal interaction process.

We hope you all have a very good Christmas and New Year period with all your families and friends.

Stay safe and back to the grindstone in 2016.

It certainly is a very interesting field to be in.

We certainly do need great firms like Sydney Criminal Lawyers® to lead the charge.  I think we won the jackpot when we came across your firm and your performance truly matches your marketing.  Well done Guys and Gals

Your patience in slowly educating us is very much appreciated.

Cheers and Best Regards

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