Client Review

“These people and this company are real and worth it. They do what they say with transparency and continue to break stereotypes of lawyers”

A few weeks ago a series of poor choices led to me facing a charge for the first time in my life. What’s worse, I was due to fly out on a family emergency and wouldn’t have been around for my given court date, meaning that without representation I was to face the maximum penalty. I was shocked, scared, and had no idea what to do. So I did what any rational 20 something year old would and brought my troubles to Google. SCL was ranked the #1 link, so I clicked it, dialed the number and despite the short notice was invited to come see someone that very day.

Right off the bat despite my panic I was sat down and calmed by the lovely office manager Ms Mia Kowalski who offered me water to drink and encouraging words. I was then seen by Ms Maryanne Nguyen who listened to me explain myself with undivided attention, before offering me solid advice and a quote and assuring me it was negotiable as she understood I was a student and where I was coming from.

When I left the country a couple of days later, despite a 3 hour difference in time zones every question I emailed was answered with nothing but professionalism and courtesy by my assigned lawyer Ms Tina Domm. Some replies even came at a time when Sydneysiders should be sleeping. I was amazed. From there on SCL made sure my court date was successfully pushed by three weeks so I could be present for my matter, I was offered guidance on what documents to prepare, I was continuously treated with respect, and now I am supremely confident going into my rescheduled court date. To top it all off, the discounts I have received for their service in light of my financial situation and circumstances is something I never expected a law firm to ever do. Yet they have.

These people and this company are real and worth it. They do what they say with transparency and continue to break stereotypes of lawyers who are seen as opportunists and money makers, offering a helping hand instead for those like me who have made a mistake but really do want to act positively on a second chance. I have been left humbled by their service and I’d recommend you look no further than them should you ever have the misfortune of being on the wrong side of the law.

Thank you Sydney Criminal Lawyers.

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