Client Review

You were so great and witty that the magistrate awarded us a section 10

After a couple of drinks, a bad decision led to my wife driving. She was stopped for a Random Breath Test and returned a mid-range blood alcohol reading. Her licence was suspended on the spot.

I researched for the best lawyers that could represent my wife and give her the best chance of keeping her licence with no conviction.

That’s when I came upon Sydney Criminal Lawyers®. They had the best track record for Section 10’s.

The team were great. They clearly explained the process, what documents to get, and how they were going to present our case.

They were honest and did not give us false hope, the chances of us getting a Section 10 was very slim, however, you were so great and witty that the magistrate awarded my wife a Section 10.

We are so delighted with the outcome and know that without the team at Sydney Criminal Lawyers®, this would not have been possible.